Hello world!

A group of us think it’s time we address our internal problems in AA with predators , sexual , financial and spiritual. We are not a cult . And we feel that many old timers have taken advantage of their position and time.

WE want to have workshops and forums to dicuss this. WE think AA in NY should address this problem on our MAIN website. Warn parents of teens who are underage that they are not safe!


11 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Thanks for your post. It seems complicated. But really rape is a crime that needs to be brought into the light. AND the rampant 13 stepping BS needs to be stopped by it’s own members.


  2. Some kids are so desperate by the time they go to AA that their parents aren’t speaking to them and they are so vulnerable that they want “love”, i.e attention from anyone who will give it to them and they have not developed boundaries to be able to differentiate between what is and is not safe behavior from people who have more sobriety then the newcomer. Also the newcomer, the minor or the newcomer elder may not yet trust their own instincts about what they feel is wrong and may not have the strength to say “no” to something that feels wrong, i.e., being taken advantage of, financially or sexually or just someone being inappropriate in language or behavior. It’s up to the people who are already here in A.A. to make it a safe place to receive all of the ideas and actions of the sober life. It is so truly different from the drunken life and we are here to be happy, joyous and free. Carry the message, not the sexual predator, financial scammer, the rapist or worse.


    1. I went to ACYPAA where they had a panel on Protecting minors in AA. It was great to hear some current Trustees as well as Past Trustees talking passionately about serious internal problems in AA that MUST BE ADDRESSED. One of the panelists even feels that if we don’t deal with someone else will. Our meetings are held in churches, corporate buildings, churches. WE have been thrown out of many halls IN Los Angeles. It’s time that we take back our AA and make it safer. It was never safe. I was 13 stepped. I was hit on till I got A tough big Strong Woman sponsor that the creeps were afraid of. But the crap that’s happening now ….wow Im speechless!


      1. If AA is a mental health venue, then it is clearly unacceptable for there to be dating within the organization, the same way its illegal for a psychologist to hit on their client. If AA is a spiritual social self help movement, which I think it is, then consensual fornication would be completely acceptable.

        I think the problem here is that there is no clear definition of AA within the mental health community other than a self help referral. If AA is a mental health treatment where it is illegal for people to have sex with the incapacitated, then this needs to be defined within AA. Unfortunately, since AA is not supervised and has no opinion on outside issue, it is a society that has been largely immune to laws that affect the health treatment industry. I think the only real solution is for someone who has been damaged to sue AA and win.

        This way a 13th tradition could be added…

        Tradition 13- Since AA is a part of the medical mental health community, it should be stressed that it is unlawful for members to approach or harass each other for any sexual reason.

        It’s my opinion that this whole topic is an issue because AA is not a viable mental health treatment. Instead, I believe AA to be a dangerous cult where all people are vulnerable to mind control or coercion. Perhaps your campaign can change this and make AA a safer place, a safer place for the incapacitated and a safer place for the courts to send them.

        It’s up to you to define AA. Good luck, I hope my comments help.


  3. I would like to see a workshop held in Los Angeles to talk about this subject and raise awareness so no teen gets raped ever again!!

    WE need literature on protecting minors and Literature for the Parents of minors.
    The Parents need to know that AA is not safe right now. They need to go with their kids and get to know the folks their hanging with. There is the good bad and ugly in AA just like in the bar!


  4. i was asked by this same oldtimer to take nude photos in the early 80’s: thank God I had the fortitude and insight to be able to say no.


  5. I got sober almost 31 years ago and I still see some these guys in action in the big meetings. They were considered to be old timers then and now their behavior is still out of hand and more unacceptable than ever. People in corporations get sued for sexual harrassment and AA could easily get sued and most likely has already. What kind of attraction do we represent while this behavior continues? Let’s add to the preamble with a statement about the safety of all AA members, especially newcomers and put an end to the inappropriate behavior now. Or at the very least, increase awareness so we can reset our priorities and get back to the business of recovery on spiritual path.


  6. WE’ll about 20 of us have had enough with 13 stepping in AA. Predators both financial and sexual need to get it that we will not tolerate this stuff anymore.
    SO in sync with Tradition One…Our Common welfare comes first.

    What part of caring for a suffering alkie includes Rape, Kid molesting, HItting on new comers for dates, sex and money.

    What part of caring is oldtime Gay guys hitting on new young men in West Hollywood.

    I think we should warn parents of under age minors that their kids are not safe.
    That we are sick and tired of this crap. Maybe some of miss a good co ed meeting.
    That New York GSO needs to get on board. Our public relations policy sucks right now.
    We think we need literature written and read at every meeting.

    WE’re not a cult either.


    1. Some AA folks don’t want to address this issue. They want to recite the traditions but not REALLY apply them.

      WHy have them and the concepts unless we are really willing to care and do something.


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