AA workshop to be held at 502 club in Covina. Make AA Safer! Come share your story and get support.

9 thoughts on “AA workshop to be held at 502 club in Covina. Make AA Safer! Come share your story and get support.

  1. j gibbs- No but his name came up at both workshops and letters were written and handed to us how he raped two women, one who came forward and two more then fled the state.

    I hear thru the grapevine many more are going to speak up this time, although I do not know who they are.


  2. Personally I’ve found AA to be helpful and useful. I tried SMART recovery, Secular Sobriety and such. They just didn’t do anything for me. As far as AA goes, you don’t have to eat the whole elephant. I’ve got my own opinions. There’s an element of truth to some of the criticisms but they strike me as being way overblown.


    1. @Tim-Im okay with folks that find AA to be helpful. I once loved AA too.

      However, when a group of people as big as AA and NA are are touted as wonderful and then we discover, Sever molesting, Sexual Battery, unwanted touching, sexual harassment , rape and murder going on and they DO NOTHING to implement safety measures as quickly as possible. I want no part in it and I will do everything I can to make it right and make it safe just like 20th Century Fox FIlm Corp. who got sued in the 1980’s for sexual harassment.

      AA is not above 20th Century Fox Corp AA/NA think they are some special culty secret society. Well they are not. They both are non profit 501c3 Corporation who have to answer to the same laws as The Boy Scouts of AMerica.

      Really way overblown? PLease attend mixed meetings at a nearby club or at a place that is filled with court ordered attendees. Then get back to me.
      Also I am hearing many stories of financial scamming from old timer guru types from many many men in Stagg meetings.


    2. Tim,
      Great for you. But people are allover the blogs are talking about why they hate AA. Sexually harassment, rape victims, now throats being slit, and murders. ANd lets not foregt rampant 13 stepping for 70 years.
      Bill W was the first and he was BAD to the bone with his sexual acting out.

      I like Smart. Its so much Smarter then AA. After over 3 decades I find AA to be a bunch of lies. 1936 barbaric, archaic, Christian preaching literature, Male dominated attitude….enough is enough.

      Safety measures must be put in place. And no AA should play Dr and ever tell any member weather they can have an aspirin, a pain medication or psych med. They could be and will be sued. That needs to Stop!!!


  3. Thirteenth Step (a.k.a. Thirteenth Stepping):
    There is no thirteenth step in the AA program. This term is used as a euphemism for inappropriate sexual advances by a member to a newcomer in AA (such as sponsors toward sponsees). Sponsors ought never be sexually involved with those whom they sponsor. This is why it is usually suggested that (heterosexual) newcomers choose sponsors of the same sex, thereby avoiding the temptation. Also, it is sometimes suggested that newcomers not enter into new relationships for at least a year after getting sober. The reason being that sexual relationships are prone to elicit emotional extremes, making relapse more likely. The term ‘thirteenth stepping’ is always used in a negative sense.-


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