Beware @ The Marina Center AA Meetings. Stand up to the Sexual Harassment!

hand on knees pic

So listen guys and gals. If  a man grabs you on the street it’s called sexual battery and guess what? ITS A CRIME IN AND OUT OF AA.

SO Ladies, if this happens to you. Stand up in the meeting and say it out loud. No ONe gets to touch us unless we are ok with it . Welcome me with a handshake, a hello ,…but , you guys who are taking advantage need to back off. S

O Ladies and dudes. Speak UP!  State how you feel and Beware that grabbing  or touching someone inappropriately in a meeting is a crime just like on the streets or in a BAR. Maybe we need to hire bouncers…hmmm not a bad idea.

Sexual Battery is touching and this is illegal. CALL the cops. The cops did a sting in Venice for Prostitution recently and guess who all the men were. Sober guys from West LA. HAHAHA

Sexual Harassment is not yet illegal in an AA meeting or on the street. But know that you should never trust anyone from an AA meeting.  AA needs to make safety policies.


42 thoughts on “Beware @ The Marina Center AA Meetings. Stand up to the Sexual Harassment!

  1. Complaining about a “culture of sexual harrassment” within AA for giving hugs. It is not an AA culture problem! That still offers delusional and self-centered insights into the blogks author.


  2. Well I will say the the original blog was not written well. A) It did not spell out that there had been documented incidents at the the Center (by documented I mean by authorities) B) That there are systemic reasons (ie judges using AA as a panacea for over-crowding at jails and treatment for violent criminals) C) The blog was written in first voice so made it sound like the (precieved) experience of a single woman. Sorry .


    1. Well I will say the the original blog was not written well.

      This is not the New York Times. It was an rely stage activists safety movement. Critical man go create your own blog and let’s see how great your writing is. I can already see you are an average Joe like some of us. Although some of the bloggers are very good writers. Blogging is not a bout competition, or criticizing ones writing. You can do that in your AA meetings and your AA culture. But here…Ah…no…I don’t think so.
      Again I am leaving your stuff up for the world to see how AA members like yourself think… and that it is not a kind, loving and tolerant, nor is it a safe society…and no AA is not even a spiritual community. You like to think yourself as that, all pontificating and filled with rhetoric and dogma and chanting and holding hands saying your Lords Prayer , and then saying ” oh, we’re not religious? Yea you are. But AA is also not A “REAL ” religion. Its a made up poppy cock idea from Babbling Bill Bombastic Wilson. The #1 13 Stepper, financial scammer himself.


  3. OK! I may have been wrong. My whole point was that I felt this particular blog was just as silly as a blog warning people dying of cancer of the risks and dangers of going to the hospital and getting treatment because of the chance of getting an infection or dying as a result of doctor error. Hospitals are quite dangerous places but they heal and cure far more people than they kill.

    However, I just read an article on the issue of judges plea-bargining down to misdomeano,r violent criminals or those charged with sexual assaults, if they agree to attend AA meetings (ie a domestic violence wife-beater who only beats his wife when drunk). Yes they may be alcoholics but that is secondary to anger management or other issues.

    So it appears this may be a big issue with systemic causes than I originally thought.


  4. I’m am here right now waiting for the meeting to start and I tell you its a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah! There’s sex! There’s violence! There’s sexy violence and violent sex going on alll around me and I would call for help but because of the anonymity and all you know…


      1. I am making fun of the ridiculous assertion that there is sexual harrassment going on at meetings usually filled with 50 people, becuase they offer hugs if you get a chip (which by the way you can decline and people do it all the time in front of the whole group). I know nothing about any rapes. I am here now and looking around the room and surroundings and all the people and find it hard to believe. No what I believe is the person who started this thread did so only to bolster her delusional self-image, “Oh my every man, and woman, at the Marinia Center meetings wants me because they offer hugs!” Then I proffered my advice which would be to call the cops and there should be tons of witnesses but was told “they can’t because of the anynimity Tradition”. This is asinine!


  5. Librarian you said the reason this sexual assault and harrassment epidemic at the Marina Center has been allowed (and this specific blog was started in 2010) for so long as it has is because of the anonymity Tradition and I am confusing no one except obviously you. Penalties for sexual assualt are in parity with rape and murder sentences, so therefore society has deemed it a very serious crime and for you to say that this has gone on, has plagued so many women, and has never been reported, is absolutely insane and I simply used real world terms and examples to point out that you need help.


    1. Because people are embarrassed to go to the police when they are new to AA and tell them they are in AA…that they had an alcohol problem. Also they might not even know the mans last name. Also AA members discourage them sometimes.

      Gay women hit on gay new women and Gay old timer men on gay young new men and its very predatory situation in the LGBT community. Worse then in regular AA.

      Trust me …its going on all over the world and all over the US in the AA culture and sexual harassment in meetings is rampant.


  6. Yup, This is the type of guy I was used to having to deal with in AA. Total jackass. The difference is here we can say something back – in AA we can’t and that is what is so soul destroy. We have to shut up and take it

    Well…. no more.



  7. “Why”? Cause there is no greater nor more visible group or clique in AA than these diseased, disgusting, old bags (some are old bags at 28), that are so delusional that sobriety is an impossible objective prior to solving whatever organic or brain chemistry problems they have. Every rehab I have been to these one-time-attractive-no-tooth-enamel-Hep-C-tattoo’d-ex/part-time-crack-whore-sore-covered-filthy-scabie-infested-ojectionably-track-scar-riddle forms sits next to me, to tell me how every guy there wants her and could I kind protect her and talk to her and walk her somewhere blah blah blah blah. I have no doubt you Gloria Steinams of AA are breaking the case wide open, although again I must remind you that there are police you can call who will take you to see doctors to whom you can tell these stories to all day long.


    1. She was a woman over 50 who was obviously gay and still she was harassed. You foul mouth will be left up so the world can see how you AA men think about and speak about women when you are anonymous on a blog.


  8. I mean if I was the subject of men’s (I’m sure it’s all of them right – they all want you) uncontrollable lust because I am such a catch, and assaulted, especially since I have never been to a meeting with less than 40 others at Marina Center, there should be tons of witnesses! It’s a slam dunk case! Why would you whine on some irrelevant blog about a sexual crime against you, where there are TONS of witnesses! Let’s get these assholes! Lol!


    1. No they don’t want me. It was not me they were harassing. It was many other women. also a woman was raped by a man there and didn’t go to the police. She as new and afraid and thought AA was some special “thing” and its anonymous so….

      Im sure you don’t understand.


      1. If a person wants to go to the police they know fully well that the first questions that the police are going to ask them are…. How do you know them? Where did you meet? AA world service is very clear on this and has anonymity wallet cards which give direction, it states ‘ … but never disclose the membership of others’

        That is just one way that AA ties the hands of members from going to the police. There are many other examples.

        Here is a link for the exact wording.



      2. So Librarian you are saying that if a murder is committed by an AA mememer, against another, in a meeting, the police could never solve it because of the “groups” anynimity? You’re a librarian?


      3. Mark- Why are you on this blog? Clearly you have not been sexually harassed etc ….right by any AA member. Did you read the blog’s name

        STOP 13 Step in AA….right….so you have nothing better to do with your time and life.

        Enough said.

        Your banned from the site. This is suppose to be a safe place for those harmed to come and get support. I have let you raggle on with your nonsense so the world can see how AA men think…. I mean …AA men like you. SO now we see.

        I have time to moderate my blog again.

        Please do not post again.


    2. If it’s so irrelevant it begs the question why you took the time out of your clean and serene day to come here an set us all straight, Mr Super ‘I never engage in any controversy’ Sober.

      Let me just refresh your memory: “It is a spiritual axiom that every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us. If somebody hurts us and we are sore, we are in the wrong also. — Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (AA’s 12&12) Step 10, pg. 90”

      We don’t sign up to that view, but you do. Your ‘alcoholic rationalisation’ for this woman hating diatribe is what dude?


  9. If you are being sexually assaulted ANYWHERE, and you are so weak-minded and weak-willed person with zero self-esteem, not to report this crime to be the police, who are paid from your tax dollars, then you are just a stupid victim and you deserve to be assaulted! CALL THE COPS!!! What possible reason could a sexually assaulted woman have not to…unless she is a sick delusional pathological lying sociopath! You’re too stupid to be sober anyway!


    1. When we posted this we were not talking about us or me. There was a woman named Rosie who was harassed there over and over again by a man named William Biarley.

      And yes sexual harassment is illegal in the work place and not yet in an AA meeting. But I bet eventually there will be a huge class action lawsuit against Alcoholics Anonymous and this will happen and fit will become Law. Have a great day. Enjoy that shit hole of a meeting place called the Marina Center.


    2. Really? Call the cops? The AA literature teaches women not to call the police. Here is a quote form The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Chapter: Into Action.

      ‘She is indignant about it, and has a warrant out for our arrest. She was furious. She went to court and got an order for his arrest, He said he was perfectly willing to go to jail if she insisted. Of course she did not, ‘

      I find the title of the chapter very telling



    3. Here is a nice quote from the BB of Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter: A Vision for You, ‘She replied, “Yes, we’ve got a corker. He’s just beaten up a couple of nurses’. A corker????? How about an abuser that should be arrested?


    4. “You’re too stupid to be sober anyway!” Na-Na Na Na-Na! Can you clarify what you mean to by this statement?

      I thought AA’s line was no one could be too stupid to be sober (although you are pushing the boundaries, Mark you really are) but many are ‘too smart’. I think it would be accurate to say we are ‘too clever’ to be “sober” – if sober is this slobbering, flaming, vitriolic, offensive junk you are spouting or the hokey faith healing flimflam that characterises AA.

      I suggest you get a dictionary and look up sober. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

      I am proud to have taken the 12 steps to the door and left AA and NEVER AGAIN do I need to share a room with a foul mouthed victim-blaming knuckle dragging specimen of ‘recovery’ such as yourself. And I am very relieved to be ‘too smart’ to be sober. THANK GOD.

      Oh and ‘sick delusional pathological lying sociopath! ‘ – don’t go projecting your unresolved garbage around here Mark … take a look in the mirror.


  10. Hey you egotistical-ugly (I am certain of it)-GED-failing-welfare-receiving-pea-brain, “sexual harassment” douchebag, is a workplace law. Now there are other sexual crime laws, such as molesting, assault… Call the cops you fat pig! I’d love to hear what they would have to say to a delusional moron like you, who is claiming sexual assault (that is the law we are talking about you dolt) from hugs received at an AA meeting! I guarantee you you be locked up 5150 you fat-assed simpleton!


  11. if you cared really about safety you yourself could do plenty.

    This kind of attitude was once true of children who were being hit, abused, neglected and molested by their own families. Then laws were passed. This is going to come to pass in AA and NA as well . There needs to be regulation and transparency. There were people who tried to effect change thru the proper channels in AA and were so shut down at The Westside District Level. If AA worked the way it preaches ( which it doesn’t) The Groups do not run AA. That is a joke.

    Then The WSD in LA would have put on a simple MAKE AA SAFER WORKSOP that they sponsored. BUT NOOOOO all they cared about is how that might hurt the name of AA in southern Cali.

    Not how many members are being molested, sexual harassed, 13 stepped and raped and now murdered like Karla Brada.

    Why are you even here on this site. To bagger me that you antiquated philosophy is working in 2013. 60 % of meetings are filled with co erced attendees. It has already sickened the energy in meetings and the vibe Stinks.

    People come here to get help, get literature, vent about being abused, report a criminals or a predator or a massive 13 stepper.

    And you are here why? Would you like help starting a Worksop or getting some MAAS Pamphlets?


  12. hi john- no there are not. That’s a ridiculous statement…that trust me we have heard a lot.

    Predators are not holding hands with me in a grocery store, in a PO, in a bank. No where else on the planet including a BAR is one told they are powerless, stupid and to hold a stranger’s hand and trust us cause you cant trust yourself except in a “cult” .

    AA and all its affixations are first of all extremely antiquated. There has been no updates since 1939. Science has accomplished a lot since then. AA needs to move into this century. If the courts didn’t the DUI and the sex offenders and criminals AA would be 50 % smaller right now IN LA.

    ABOUT SLOA…that is a joke and a cop out. No one powerless over who they have sex with . are they kidding??? AA and NA have managed to disempower an entire generation. Sounds like the early riggings of NAZI Germany. O h that’s right the Oxford Movement is where Bill stole his little AA movement from. And they were Hitler lovers. That sway Bill Had to separate himself from the Oxford movement. You seem a bit in love with AA. AA is just a group of people. Its not bigger then the Catholic Church , or The Natural gas CO or the Institution of AMERICAN Football.

    Why do you feel the need to defend it so. Are you aware there are 6 other free options of support besides AA?

    AA is not a lover. AA is an ideal ology. Its suppose to be just a fellowship of men and woman…..blah blah blah!

    The Marina Center is filled with disgusting men. pedophiles and no one is charge there. People tried to make it safer there and they ripped down the posters that were put up. WAHT kind of people who care about teens and woman do that. FUCKED up people who want to prey.

    Wolves who want to prey on the sheep. Well….. john I will say this. The tide is turning and the truth about AA is coming out all over the internet. There are some 7-10 anti AA blogs now.

    People need to know it is not safe and there are other options like SMART< SOS AND MODERATION AND , WFS and HARM REDUCTION and THE SINCLAIR METHOD….

    AND DUI attendees need to know their 1st AMENDMENT RIGHTS are being broken and they can demand other options besides AA and NA.


    1. When I was a newcomer 17 years ago, an old timer told me AA/NA wasn’t a dating service, a bank or an employment agency. For the most part, I’ve followed that advice. However, I have helped a few people get jobs. Sometimes the results were good, other times, not. Live and learn.
      Personally, I think whatever road that leads a person to a new life of freedom, that’s works for them is good. No one group has a monopoly.
      It’s truly unfortunate that some people have another agenda, other than staying clean and sober.
      I do a lot of international travel and have attended meetings in many countries. Every meeting has its own unique personality or character.
      I heard in a meeting one time that AA is a bridge, from a former life, to a new life. Some people choose to live their life on that bridge. I chose to cross that bridge and enjoy the life. But still attend meetings, even after 17 years of continuous sobriety. I never want to go back to where I was.
      I wish you all the best in your new life, no matter how you attained it or maintain it.
      John B.


    2. @Massive- there’s not much I can add to your post- absolutely right on!
      I will add, though, re: John’s first statement- I’ve been all over the U.S. and a couple of other countries, yet the only encounters I ever had with ‘predators & perpetrators’ all came from only one place: 12-Step programs. Never ran into rapists, pedophiles, woman-beaters, etc., anywhere other than those programs.


  13. There are predators everywhere, and its not only men towards women. It’s men towards men, women towards women, women towards men. Newcomers are vulnerable. Members with significant clean time or sober should help guide the group conscience in these matters. The 12 Traditions should be our guide for the group. I agree that an AA meeting doesn’t grant amnesty for a persons actions. Just because a few people don’t respect boundaries, doesn’t take away from the miraculous work that AA or NA does as a group or organization to free people from the deadly disease of addition or alcoholism. Also, there are 12 step groups for Sex addicts or love addicts that sponsors or other members can refer people to. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. In gratitude sine August 6, 1996′ John B.


  14. “Let it go?” Yeah ok, apparently this person hasn’t been on the receiving end of this sick sh*t! And when and if they are, thank God there are people that give a damn! Thank God for Law Enforcement come to think of it, just because you are in a 12 Step Program doesn’t mean you are above the laws of the United States!


  15. no. I will not. We will not. I am not alone . There are hundreds of us around the world. I get letters from Poland and South America complaining about the sick shit AA men are doing. AA in NY is being sued. AA needs to clean up its act .
    Warn the public. Warn its members that not only are their 3rd level sex offenders being sent there, they are going there on their own because AA newcomers are easy prey.

    AND on top of it, there are tons of oldtimer AA men who know better who uses their time and position for sex and financial predation. The gig is up buddy. AA will be exposed for the shit hole it is.

    Im sure I know you .


      1. This site came up on a Google search and the topic was thought provoking. Not sure what MAAS stands for. I live and work in the Middle East near Saudi Arabia, so I can’t be much help for Southern California, but I am a former SoCal native. Best of luck in your mission. It’s an honorable goal.
        Take care, John B.


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