To Parents of underage teens who are new to AA!

Parents and teens, do not let your child ride in a car alone with the opposite sex. Make sure 2 people are their to give your child rides. No one should be trusted until they prove they are worthy just like in any other situation in life.

This is a hard call but trust AA members are a microcosm of the big bad world out there!

I would not trust the older men at all.

2 thoughts on “To Parents of underage teens who are new to AA!

  1. It is much better for teens to attend meetings with a trusted older relative and another teen than to take any ride from a stranger, in AA or not. Risk-taking behavior is of course a part of being a teen as they test the boundaries and often go over the edge of reason in finding out who they are. If there are no trusted adult relatives to take teens to a meeting, then increase the number of teens to at least three and take public transportation instead. Always carry a charged cell phone and if possible one with a camera in case of emergency. It’s difficult to be safe after hitting bottom and needing AA, but if you are aware of possible problems, it’s easier to recognize them as they occur.


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