have you left AA because of 13 stepping or financial Predators?

PLease tell me your story here or write to me at makeaasafer@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “have you left AA because of 13 stepping or financial Predators?

  1. Yes and Yes. Veteran Alonaner followed my wife to her car on 2-3 occasions, alone. This was after months of restraining orders, marriage counselings, grief support groups, etc.. My AA sponsor, who I admired dearly while in the program, I found out simply put on his resume the fact that he has a college degree, when in fact he didn’t finish college. This is after he got fired from a steady job for stealing $20 bills from the cash register. He has the talent for targeting well-to-do personalities, only to self-perpetuate himself through them. Yet, I am to forgive and understand because he has an inherent character defect?? NO. It’s called growing up and getting real.

    To this day he is a Stepper of 20 someodd years. Only to label himself sick and find others to gravitate to who have luxury homes and beautiful daughters.

    The only thing one has to surrender to in life is the spirit of Jesus Christ. And to testify this to others. Not Ouija board New Age induced mumbo-jumbo.


  2. No, but I am a longtime member who goes to a group wherein we have had three convicted sex offenders sent to our meeting as a part of their alternative sentencing. That is the root of the problem – AA’s outreach to the courts is allowing them to dump predators into AA and AA is glad to take them


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