Have you ever been raped by an AA Member and Left AA and did not go to the police?

The time has come for you to come forward. We are collecting stories and want to raise awareness about Bad 13 stepping Meaning Older 50 something men or women with 23 years of sobriety hitting on 23 years old male or female sober 43 days for sex. Which we think is like fucking a cripple but, worse yet are incidents of rape. So, One has been arrested and we want you to come to us and tell your stories. contact us at makeaasafer@gmail.com

This is no joking matter. WE are hearing stories that men who are sex offenders are coming to our meetings for easy prey. And that some are not even alcoholics.  But some are and some are sober (just not drinking) but if you are preying on newcomers, etc you are not applying spiritual principals. Similar to the Catholic Church.

4 thoughts on “Have you ever been raped by an AA Member and Left AA and did not go to the police?

  1. Yes there is plenty of date rape in todays world of internet dating, plenty of predatory behavior in todays society. Which is showing up everywhere, churchs, school, work, family functions, colleges. Yep it is everywhere.


    1. yes but most people have their guards up when they meet a stranger. IN AA people have a false sense of trusting each other, sitting close, holding hands and praying, telling intimate details of their story. Too many vulnerable people with low self esteem already. They don’t have a chance with criminals, creeps, predators and folks who are clearly not on a spiritual path of any kind. They are just not drinking and that’s it.


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