New Alcoholics Anonymous literature written by concerned members of AA for Safety for all from Sexual and Financial Predators in our meetings

DO think it’s possible to make AA safer. Do you think there is a serious problem? we do. Would love to hear your opinion.


8 thoughts on “New Alcoholics Anonymous literature written by concerned members of AA for Safety for all from Sexual and Financial Predators in our meetings

  1. star- AA is filled with lots of cute sayings that mean nothing. AA and its sayings were written in 1939 and 1945 meaning the traditions. The traditions have nothing to do with the law. SO when she got hit on by the older member you could tell her to go to the police, and get his full name and warn him that sexual harassment in AA is illegal as well as it is in a grocery store or the PTA or the Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts of America.

    WHo is hitting on who. Can you explain more please. I would tell newcomers to run from any sex with any members . I was told this when I was new and it helped me. I was 18 when I first went to AA.

    The Principal before Personalities is just a cliche that lets people break the law in AA and think they are above the law which they are not. AA is getting sued and soon newcomers will start suing old sicko old-timers who have been getting away with this for years. The party is over.

    Support the newcomer and call the oldtimer out telling them to cut it OUT!!! Its really pretty clear…

    Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and child molestations have been going on quietly in AA forever. Not anymore. There are other support groups like SMART RECOVERY and SOS and LIFERING. MAYBE your sponsee would prefer a safer environment like those groups.


  2. Principles before personalities helps with this. I am sponsoring a newcomer who was hit on and accused of “having a part” by another member when she protested. I try to tell newcomers about 13 steps, what they are, and that they are Not appropriate. I also suggest NO romantic or sex relations in AA for first year. This person came back to my sponsee and tried to find out if my sponsee told anyone about her predatory behavior. Any suggestions what more I could or should do?


  3. anonymous,
    I too am fed up. Although I have made new friends on the internet who feel the same way as we do.
    Serious Violent acts are happening now. Although I have a whole plan that would help or change things NYGSO has it’s head in the money till. Not in member safety. The power of the individual and group would be to send no money and make NY make changes. It would be powerful. But alot of members think AA in NY is GOD. It’s ridiculous.


  4. Do you really think this can be resolved? I have given up on AA. . . . its sad but I feel like I have been sold a cheap bag of self help goods, after years of watching this sick behavior I am intolerant to some of the people that not participate in the behavior, but look the other way. Being treated hyserically, oh that is just like when people drink and do not want to admit to what their part is. People who do not stand up for themselves or others who needs them in any type of program. I think the woman should of called him on his shit loudley at the meeting. But when there is really no one to say, do we need to call the police? Do you feel threatened, would you like to fie a compaint? Do something to stop this. MEN and Women can treat one another with respect. This is what is expected at other PUBLIC FUNCTIONS. We should never condone the saying WOMEN STICK W/ WOMEN AND MEN W/ MEN. This only allows it secretly breed, and grow, everyone should stand up for the appropriate behavior. Men and Women should be able to be in the same room and talk about Sobreity, and Solutions in everyday scenerios. And all should feel safe, no matter what age, sex, they are. We are talking about behavior in sobriety, not sex offernder meetings. If they are sex offenders maybe they should say ” i am a sex offender” Yeah right, since we have lost the singleness of purpose, Maybe we should get rid of bill W, and write a book on DR BOB’s example of getting sober??


  5. I am happy to find this site. I have been sober in AA since 1992 and have seen various forms of abuse the entire time but no one has ever spoken of it except in whispers after the meetings. I started getting warnings from protective older members right away (I was 28 when I got sober) and I have seen and heard of some really sick advantage taking in the rooms of both sexual, and financial types. And I could write a book about the long term recovery house I lived in for 10 months!! It was a cult unto itself. If I had not had old timers with a conscious at my back, I could have easily been chewed up and died as a result. I became even more enlightened about some of the abuse in the fellowship when I sponsored a young woman who was a university student a few years ago, she happened to be quite attractive and the harrassment she endured was disgusting, it was simply not behavior that is considered legal or acceptable in any other part of society. One man went so far as to expose himself to her before a meeting, and another (old enough to be her grandfather) kept touching her inappropriately when several people had gone out for coffee after the meeting. She confronted him on it in the coffee shop but was treated as if she were hysterical or something. In normal society this is not the norm, but women are supposed to look for “their part” in AA? Thank you for addressing this, we run from taking inventory as a fellowship far to often, it is catching up with us from what I read on the internet.


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