Advice for Parents of Underage Teens in Alcoholics Anonymous

Do not let your children go alone to AA meetings. Advice from a group of  long time sober members, we say AA is not SAFE.

Do Not let your underage teens go with these people unless there are two or more there. Same sex if they are not gay. Many sober members are not practicing spiritual principals these days. Meetings, coffee shops, picnics might be okay.

There are no policies in place like with The Boy Scouts of America , Big Brothers or Big SIsters. SO just know there are too many sex offenders coming to our meetings right now. Courts sending them to us in droves with no one really enforcing good spiritual principals. Even regular sexual harrassing going on from older long time sober members hitting on young newcomers is prevalent in AA and has been a long time problem.

Be Aware, Tell your child to beware and go with your kid to the meeting. Listen to your gut.

Never trust ANYONE in AA until they have proven they are TRUSTWORTHY!!! We are working hard as a grassroots movement to make AA safer. But this will take years to do if it is possible at all.

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One thought on “Advice for Parents of Underage Teens in Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. If your teen wants to get sober or is desperate to stop drinking and using drugs and probably isn’t getting along with you and the other parent, find another trusted adult to take him or her to a meeting. There are many teens who get sober these days and other sober people who were barely out of their teens when they first came to AA. You aren’t alone. Al-Anon or CoDA might help you to cope if your teen is resistant because of a past bad experience with AA. Do not give up hope! Keep going to meetings until you find the one that is safe and right for you and for your teen.


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