Sexual Harassment @ The Marina Center an AA meeting place needs to stop! People are leaving and getting drunk.

What kind of recovery program or fellowship have we become if this is rampant and by the calls I am getting it is.

So IF I tell you that I don’t want you to hug me once, then twice, then three times, then four times, I would have to say that You are not listening and that you are breaking the law. If  we were in our church, if we were in our office say at AT & T and I told you not to touch me I could have you arrested.

So Ladies how about supporting each other! Period. And guys if a young woman, old woman, new woman come in perhaps you should be talking to the other men and tell the ladies to stick with the woman.

9 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment @ The Marina Center an AA meeting place needs to stop! People are leaving and getting drunk.

  1. And Girlscout you have been weighed and measured and found wanting. Because I know and support with facts how stupid this chicks blog is, then I am an offender? We academics would call that a Nonsequtor with incongruous logic, ad hominem. In stupid terms you be dumb as an onion. I am a germaphobe and NEVER touch any of you diseased whores or even speak to anyone. I am 6’5″ tan bald, super handsome white guy. Introduce yourself coward!


  2. I mean if I was the subject of men’s (I’m sure it’s all of them right – they all want you) uncontrollable lust because I am such a catch, and assaulted, especially since I have never been to a meeting with less than 40 others at Marina Center, there should be tons of witnesses! It’s a slam dunk case! Why would you whine on some irrelevant blog about a sexual crime against you, where there are TONS of witnesses! Let’s get these assholes! Lol!


    1. Mark

      You have just demonstrated that you are an offender. You might not be a literal offender, who attacks women (or are you?) but your ideas about rape would be constituted as verbal and emotional abuse. Rape is not about lust, sex, attractiveness and uncontrollable urges, it’s about humiliation and power and hatred. But you already know that right?

      This idea that RAPE is about SEX and LUST (the 12×12 does use the word lust in reference to rape, which is yet another example how AA’s attitudes are in the DARK ages) is a very, very outdated idea that in being stamped out in any other organisation. How the police deal with rape has changed radically because these ideas of victim blaming are being thrown out. Men don’t rape women because of what she was wearing or doing, men rape women because they hate women.

      Let me help you with your education. Here is some information about the cycle of abuse which is why women don’t call the police, because it’s all part of a process of grooming that put these men in control (and lots of women with these issues have alcohol problems so they walk through the doors of AA looking for help)

      And now let’s bust a few myths about rape shall we as you are clearly a misogynist pig who hates women and has no idea. These are from here:

      Myth Rape only happens to young, ‘attractive’ women.

      Fact Many people believe that only a certain ‘type’ of woman is in danger of being raped or sexually assaulted. In fact, people, and especially women and girls, of all ages, classes, culture, ability, sexuality, race and faith are raped. Some men joke or make comments about a woman’s appearance or age to indicate whether she is sexually desirable or available. But the perceived ‘attractiveness’ of a victim has very little to do with sexual violence. Rape is an act of violence not sex.

      Myth Everyone knows when a woman says no, she often means yes.

      Fact Rape is a terrifying, violent and humiliating experience that no-one wants or asks for. Legally a person has the right to change their mind about having sex at any point of sexual contact. If a sexual partner does not stop at the time a person says no, this is sexual assault. If a person is in a relationship with someone or has had sex with a person before, this does not mean that they cannot be assaulted or raped by that person. Consent must be given every time two people engage in sexual contact. Sex without consent is rape.

      Myth The woman was drunk / took drugs / was hitch hiking / wore tight clothes / worked in the sex industry / seduced him / probably got what she was asking for.

      Fact If a person is unconscious or their judgement is impaired by alcohol or drugs, legally they are unable to give consent. Having non-consensual sex with a person who is intoxicated is rape.

      Rapists use a variety of excuses to attempt to discredit the women they rape and to justify their crimes. But no-one asks or deserves to be raped or sexually assaulted and 100% of the responsibility for any act of sexual violence lies with its perpetrator. [my note: nowhere is this more true than in AA, predators know these women will be discredited if she presses charges, so does she].

      Media often refer to women in the ‘roles’ that they have – ‘young mum’, ‘grandmother’, ‘doctor’s wife’, ‘prostitute’ etc. – and describe arbitrary factors like what she was wearing or how she’d been behaving when she was sexually assaulted. The implication is that some women are more ‘innocent’ victims than others, that some are more worthy of sympathy, or that some women are partly to blame for their experience of sexual violence.

      The rules imposed on women’s behaviour allow rapists to shift the responsibility for rape onto women wherever possible, so that rapists are sometimes portrayed as victims of malicious allegations, carelessness or stupidity. There is no other crime in which so much effort is expended to make the victim appear responsible.

      Myth Men who rape or sexually assault are mentally ill or monsters.

      Fact Studies have indicated that as few as 5% of men are psychotic at the time of their crimes. Few convicted rapists are referred for psychiatric treatment.

      Myth The man was drunk / on drugs / depressed / under stress / wasn’t himself.

      Fact Men use a variety of excuses to justify the act of rape. There is never an excuse.

      Myth Once a man is sexually aroused he cannot help himself. He has to have sex.

      Fact Most rapes are premeditated i.e. they are either wholly or partially planned in advance. Rapes committed by more than one perpetrator are always planned. Men can quite easily control their urges to have sex – they do not need to rape a woman to satisfy them. Rape is an act of violence – not sexual gratification. Men who rape or sexually assault does so to dominate, violate and control.

      Myth Men who rape are sexually frustrated / do not have the opportunity to have sex with a willing partner.

      Fact Men who rape are as likely as any other man to be cohabiting or having a significant relationship with a woman. More than one in five women are raped by their partners or their husbands.

      Is that enough for you? I suggest you take your offensive, woman hating, victim blaming, slut shaming, misogynistic, offensive, intimidating views back to your meeting. How utterly disgusting you would keep here and post your vitriol (which we all know is meant to frighten victims who are on this site) and go and call your sponsor. We have left AA and we are not interested in your ‘love and tolerance’.

      You are currently not even on your precious programme, I could quote you the passages from the 12×12 steps and traditions but you already know you are ‘off beam’. You can come back and make us an amend once you’ve had some quiet time with your creator (who, incidentally made men and women equal).

      You are the perfect advert for AA, well done.


    2. Oh let me see? Your tonnes of witnesses all think like you do, plus they have some quaint and antiquated notion that anonymity has some kind of legal basis (it does not)! Plus rape is still badly handled by the police and the process of pressing charges is horrible, scary, humiliating and that’s all on top of the fear and humiliation of the attack itself! Oh and offenders often tell a woman that if she tells anyone they will kill her! Oh and women with drug and alcohol problems are often ripped to shreds by the defense and she is already disadvantaged before she starts as can be portrayed as an unreliable witness of weak character (even if she was sober at the time)!

      This is why predators hang out in AA, because they know these women with drink and drug problems, out of all women who report rape (apart from, maybe, prostitutes) have a very hard time making a conviction stick. The men who get in these groups and target these women know this, which is why they do it.

      If your handbook for living is the Big Book Mark, your posts demonstrate why it’s a crock of sh*t as you know NOTHING at all about abuse or sexual assault. Crawl back under your rock.


  3. If you are being sexually assaulted ANYWHERE and you are so weak-minded not to report this crime to be he police, who are paid from your tax dollars from cleaning toilets at AT&T then you are just a stupid victim and you deserve to be assaulted! CALL THE COPS!!! What possible reason could a woman have not to…unless she is a sick delusional sociopath!


    1. Mark- WOW they deserved to be raped? I’m going to leave this comment here, where the whole world can see all your spiritual love and tolerance that you learned from AA right ? This is why sexual predators go to AA and get away with it. With a mentality like that from the 1950’s


  4. I am offended with you sexist comment, about men and women! We should conduct ourselves appropriately no matter who we are talking too! Ignorant comment taught like this, is how we are where we are now. This type of comment did not protect anyone or anybody. Its useless, prejudice, and condescending to the members of AA. As though no one in the rooms of AA can not keep their clothes on. They do not tell you at work only associate with females, or males. This is controlling, occult behavior. STOP IT!


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