The Marina Center, AA members Sexual Harassment and Sexual Battery are a real problem!

I did not know that if you grabbed me that it was against the law. Well it is! So let’s start calling the police on these creeps.

So many of us come in broken and with low self esteem we do not know that this is a crime.

That I mean “unwanted touching”. Also unwanted sexual advances verbally is called Sexual Harassment and it too is against the law.  Who would have thought things would come to this but it has.

Everyone deserves the right to get sober in a healthy, respectful, caring environment. 1936 out …2010 in.

One thought on “The Marina Center, AA members Sexual Harassment and Sexual Battery are a real problem!

  1. I am sorry but what?? Against the law or not, if somebody grabs me anywhere, meeting, bar, work, home, and I do not want it, it simpe, call the law or slap the shit out of em, or go to your boss, DO SOMETHING! Really? AA is a public gathering NOT promoting crimminal activity of any type. WE are there to uncover the truth about Alcoholism. There are some new Diagnosis out there that should be talked about in the meetings of AA. Its time to update folks, We are dealing with a new breed of crimmnal activity in the rooms of AA, its sneaky, destructive, and hurtful with multipe personalities with layers of medicaton and brain damage more prevelant than ever!

    Without the moral fiber or right and wrong, people somewhat use to ageed on, now nothing is agreed on as far as right and wrong. People (men and women) are more demented and harmful. I am not going to be sexist and say men are the only people violating others. AA has become sicker than ever, and for me nothing is worse than for peole to waste my time sharing half truths, it avails us nothing. No one gets healthier. We must reconize and be honest it has become a dumping grounds for courts, psychologist, social workers, treatment centers, etc. . . Most of t he time I feel as thought I am sitting in a MAXIUM Prision, or Mental Health Hospital, while everyone is glazed over with medication. People are not sponsored, lie about working steps, and just are useless. We are the community of recovery, not a sick outreach program for these doctors and treatment centers, to coddle dangerous antivoidant personality disorder, or sociopaths. If they show up in the rooms tell them, no meds, no special diagnosis, this is for alcoholics and its a tough program. Stay with your clinics, and doctors that your paying big bucks to lie to you, and keep your existing insanity. We do not support insainity in AA. What is so hard about us becoming a tough but honest program. Most people dont get sober anyway. We only hurt our sobriety. And I want to protect mine and others.

    As I look around the rooms I reconize the professionals are all making money off these people and expecting us to heal them. And we dare not suggest you are too high on your meds to participate in meetings, because we are not medical professionals. (is what were told, but on the other hand if a GARDEN VARIETY DRUNK SHOWS UP, WE ARE TOLD DONT WASTE OUR TIME TALKING TO THEM! This is AA, for the alcoholic.
    Look at what the so called professinals are dealing us. They keep them loaded and send them to AA, but we are not the professionals. And when we look at them and suggest they read the Docs Opininon and apply it. They tell, I mean TELL US ‘ I need to have the doctors ADJUST my MEDs, so I can stay comfortablly stoned! Tell them if you take meds go to the mental hospital and get help. We only want people that are ready to be fully detoxed and we dont care how depressed they are, or bi polar!

    NOWS THE TIME to redefine these boudaries in AA to these Organizations. Thats where the General service Commitee should start. PUT A STOP TO ALLOWNG THIS TO HAPPEN TO AA. If these people have other existing issue they must be progressing in that area before they sober up in the rooms of AA. Make these medical leaches make their money. In the meantime, there should be an annoucement, we conduct ourselves here in an appropriate fashion. There is mixed company. Lets maintain respect for one another..Not SEXIST COMMENTS –MEN WORK WITH MEN AND WOMEN WORK WITH WOMEN! — Doesnt anyone see how harmful this is? Basically we are saying as long as we dont see you violating anyone terribly we will look the other way. Its a form of prejudice, dishonesty, and abuse! We are to be talking about the primary purpose, and thats CLEAN AND SOBER TIME, AND HOW TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN!


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