Write Letters to New York General Service about Member Safety Issue.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual , financial abuse write a snail mail letter to New York General Service Office attention General Manager.

Send email to staffcoord@aa.org

If a Crime has been committed like rape call the police, tell sober friends who you trust or write us @makeaasafer@gmail.com

IF you have been ripped off financially, make them accountable and demand payment back from this creeps.

please write us your story at makeaasafer@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Write Letters to New York General Service about Member Safety Issue.

  1. tell everyone you know that there are alternatives to AA.
    Smart Recovery, Rational Recovery, Women For Sobriety, SOS, Steven Slate, Stanton Peele, Amy Lee COY, Harm Reduction , Moderation Management, etc. Rasiing awareness. The 12 step way is no longer the only game in town.


  2. I went to AA for over a decade and think the problems there are inherent to the cult atmosphere. Hugging is part of the love bomb that members exchange in the rooms. Those that come to the meetings study the step methodology only to find out that they have warped instincts. These warped instincts in combination with the “it’s not my fault I have a disease” model, create this atmosphere that can be objectionable to some. AA by its nature is a cult, I think it would be impossible to take out the bothersome parts and leave the good. The nature of AA and human nature can’t be changed. All that I can change is me. AA has value; it can help certain types of people get their lives back on track, for others it is deadly. AA is not the only way to get sober. If you find yourself trapped in AA trying to change the unchangeable, it may be time to save yourself and try another sobriety venue.


    1. Man,
      love this. so true. Even though I am doing this work with the pamphlets ans many people are contacting me from all over the country I beleive that AA will not change from the inside. I sometimes think its hopeless, that it will shrink on it’s own.
      Thanks for posting.


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