Mother and daughter are victims in appar…

Mother and daughter are victims in apparent murder-suicide – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL Home.

I heard this sad sad story when I was in Hawaii.


5 thoughts on “Mother and daughter are victims in appar…

    1. Someone I considered a friend early on in the fellowship, used to have nice “sober” parties at his house out in the country, was convicted and served time for child molestation. His parents tried to get people in AA to write letters attesting to his character and good deeds in the program. Probably some did, but no one I was around, thankfully. At the time I was newly sober and couldn’t imagine anyone getting sober in AA could molest one of his son’s friends. Hard lesson in reality.


      1. Yes but Maybe AA world service, it’s website and every other AA website could state to BEWARE…that the meetings are not safe and that in fact because of courts sending us criminals for 20 years now and AA doing so much outreach in prisons selling literature to them it is top heavy with the bottom of society at large. It Is not a microcosm of society at ALL. That is a lie.
        Top heavy with criminals, really bad people who lie, use others, sex offenders, killers, rapists…the lot and too many the them and not your average garden variety drinker.


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