in 1936 there was no GSO approved literature…

let’s get real here. Nothing existed then. It was one drunk talking to another. Until the woman started showing up, then sex addict Bill started the whole karmic chain of predators in AA.

Back to the non approved pamphlets. What do these crazy AAer’s get so excited that 12 paid employees in NY have not approved our literature. Or that 31 trustees have not stamped their approval on it either . WTF,  who are they?

I thought its was one drunk helping another. Oh not you , yea that’s right your getting paid $250,000 a year to act like a big shot in todays big business of recovery bullshit. Or you think 100 delegates matter. They matter more then 100 regular members in Los ANgeles who have approved this literature and feel we need it. Go figure.

One thought on “in 1936 there was no GSO approved literature…

  1. We have to rise above their petty, small attitude as it probably stems from some of them being predators themselves. Fear will eventually consume them. Do not let it consume our safety cause. One of my friends has also taken the pamphlets to DA meetings so the word is out there. No worries, meditate on light, love and joy; let karma take care of the rest…The ripple has started in the pond.


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