Alcoholics Anonymous is not Safe for minors, vulnerable men or women. Courts need to stop sending everyone and his dog to AA! AA in no uncertain terms can handle all these problems or mentally ill criminals.

Within just months there have been 3 MURDERS with relationship to AA members killing AA members. At first we were experiencing sexual harassment, financial harassment and abuse. Rape was being reported as flyers were being handed out in meetings in Los Angeles. But report of rape was told to us.  However many women and gay men were afraid and have not gone to the police. We heard some accounts of some going to the police. Which is good.

One woman pressed charges. She later became afraid for her life and did not continue pressing charges. She has one year to change her mind.

We want to encourage anyone who has been a victim of criminal activity by and AA member to come to us for support and go to the Police. Please send us your story as we are collecting all horror stories to address these problems and crimes.


8 thoughts on “Alcoholics Anonymous is not Safe for minors, vulnerable men or women. Courts need to stop sending everyone and his dog to AA! AA in no uncertain terms can handle all these problems or mentally ill criminals.

  1. Sexual predators and violent criminals are not the only problems with AA.
    The overall culture of AA encourages the newer more vulnerable members to give up their right to think for themselves. Self-proclaimed gurus are able to learn the lingo, form their own sub-cultures and impose themselves in the affairs of others with impunity. There are no consequences for AA members who routinely take advantage of and abuse other members. AA members are encouraged to look the other way, or even to try to believe that their feelings of disgust toward these predators are the result of their own personal character defects. It’s time for some accountability. This bullshit has to stop now.


  2. Here’s something someone just brought up.

    AA meetings in the parks near children! OMG
    this is a huge problem. GO to City Council Meetings, Police and tell them they can not hold AA meetings there. Call your council members, go to your local police and see how you can stop the meetings.
    AA has too many sex offenders/and violent criminals coming. This is really … bad.

    ANy ideas out there ???


  3. hadenough, so so true. Reagan had so much to do with pulling that funding and throwing them out on the streets. And AA in NY , The GSB made a choice to allow Courts/ judges to send criminals and DUI’s to AA meetings in droves. This has destroyed the fellowship where everyone who came use to want to be there.
    Not true anymore.

    But I totally agree with all you said here. Thanks. Well put!


  4. Mental institutions once served the purpose of housing and caring for people who could not function properly in society, giving them medication and a 24 hour watch. State hospitals that housed the criminally insane housed alcoholics and addicts whose behavior took them beyond the limits and laws of society into criminal activity and gave them permanent housing and rehabilitation if it were indicated. But this is no longer the case. Now AA is a dumping ground for people who don’t belong in a free society which is what AA used to be. The courts dump criminals on AA much like the hospitals dump homeless ill patients onto skid row. Our society needs to wake up, invest in state hospitals, both mental and otherwise and take action to turn this Titanic around. AA is not an end-all-be-all destination for anyone released from lockup, either prison or a 5150. Our General Services Office and Board needs to begin a nationwide campaign of educating judges, lawyers and hospital administrators.


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