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  1. Patti,
    So true. In a previous version of our pamphlet we addressed Sponsors and Oldtimer bad behavior head on. But too many didn’t like it and we wanted to address the Predator issue first.
    What city are you in. AA needs an overhaul.


  2. AA meeting should be safe from 13 stepping for the newcomer I agree! But it should also be safe from the newcomer feeling intimidated, embarrassed, or afraid. I have resently brought and sen newcomers to the noon meeting and others in out area, telling them how wonderful they are and how much she will feel welcome only to have “OLDTIMERS” fight among themselves, nitpick by sharing AT eachother and worst of alltell the newcomer to “get on with it” “we did not ask for your life story” and other comments to completely humiliate them in from of the whole meeting that they came to me in tears. I am ashamed and disgusted. This has happened alot where members fight/share back and forth throught the whole meeting and yhe new comer gets nothing….Shame on US!!!


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