Murderer sentenced to 19 to life in prison |

Murderer sentenced to 19 to life in prison |

SO what next? Man Kills woman with 28 years of sobriety after trying to help him.

WHo knows the truth here. Someone does. But murder?

AA is a cesspool. Stay Away. BeAware who you are talking to.

Don’t take rides from people you don’t really know. Most people in their first  year are still lying all the time if they lied when they were out there.

AA a saint does not make. Not even close.


3 thoughts on “Murderer sentenced to 19 to life in prison |

  1. i like gunther’s idea. also, i think you remember my response to this woman…. but i get what you are saying. i hope all is well where you are and you are getting the 13 stepping message through to these people…


    1. Not sure really. Have backed off doing outreach at meetings. The Vibe is just too creepy for me right now. Just go to safe Women’s meetings.
      However, The Make AA Safer Literature is really getting out there. SOme 30 groups are using it. And it’s on the blog so anyone can contact us and we can send pdf
      of it for them to print. I feel there is not much for me to do on a large scale right now. Just write my book. Tell the truth. Tell the story.
      Thanks for asking:)


  2. Here’s an idea…

    Make a private sober club where there is actually some accountability.
    Set up private meetings.
    Advertise in the local newspapers that Soberclub Soberfriends Network will be meeting at such and such a time… Leave a contact number… Screen all new members, and hold separate meetings for men and women.
    All methods to achieve sobriety will be welcome. No preaching… No program… and no predators… Just a group of people helping other people to get sober and rebuild their broken lives.


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