Sex Offender Court Ordered to AA. Old News, but still relevant!

Telegram & Gazette. Worcester, Mass.: Jan 21, 2004. pg. B.3
Westboro District Court:
MARLBORO — A Marlboro District Court officer who was arrested for exposing himself has been fired. Craig R., 33, of Neptune Drive, Shrewsbury, was arrested July 22 at TGI Friday’s at Solomon Pond Mall after customers said he exposed his genitals as he returned from the bathroom.
An administrative hearing was held Dec. 23 on whether Mr. R. could return to his job. Yesterday, Bruce E. Brock, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Trial Court, said Mr. R. was terminated Dec. 30.
Last month, an indecent exposure charge was continued without a guilty finding to June 6, 2005. Mr. R. was ordered to stay away from the restaurant, not to drink any alcohol and to continue with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He was ordered to submit to random screens and to pay a $50 victim-witness fee. He also was ordered to pay $300 in court costs on a disturbing-the-peace charge, which also was continued without a guilty finding.


6 thoughts on “Sex Offender Court Ordered to AA. Old News, but still relevant!

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  2. That is so much b.s. that he was ordered to attend AA meetings without accompaniment of a law officer – someone like that is incorrigible and studies show these people cannot be rehabilitated.


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