We have uncovered some gnarly 13 stepping sexual…

We have uncovered some gnarly 13 stepping, sexual and financial harassment through our Make AA Safer Workshops. But, we uncovered last summer rape and sex rings in West Covina related to the 502 club . This is where these guys were attending AA meetings. Everyone needs to get some balls and tell these guys to get out of our meetings if any member is mistreating another member. And if a crime is committed please support each other in calling the police.

We thought this was horrifying till  a murder happened in Hawaii (August 20, 2010) when Kristine Cass and her Daughter, age 13 were brutally murdered by an AA member who was court ordered to Attend AA. He should have been court ordered to a mental ward.  Kristine we have not forgotten you.

Then seven more mudereds were reported from Stinkin Thinkin site or told to me personally here in Hollywood.

Then a woman drinks because she is so harassed by an AA member who is always lurking at The Marina Center touching and hugging every woman who comes in the room even though they tell him to keep hands off. Look guys and gals, we need you to speak up to these a holes and tell them to leave the woman alone. Also we have heard reports of  a woman who is seriously harassing some men who also JUST WANT TO GET SOBER!

So cougar’s cut it out.

Then the worst happened. Herbert Tracy White reached out to a couple who pretended to want help. These two were addicts/criminals sick sick not even humans for what they did to Tracy. Can you imagine brutally stabbing to death a guy with 15 years of sobriety who went downtown LA at 2 am to help them on a 12 step call because he thought the wanted to get sober. Then the robbery goes bad anad they kill him and then they dismember him. I will be at the trial.

This is disgusting! Talk about evil. When you see their face. That is evil.

SO , now I want you all to know, these are the types that are coming to AA/NA because we are signing court cards. If we refuse to sign them.

Saying we have a tradition and this is against the traidition then the courts can not send them if we wont sign the cards. My group does not sign court cards.

They are sending serious hardened criminals, rapists, murders in droves to meetings now. Read the news. WHen AA first wrote the traditions there were NO>>>>>>>>> criminals, no court appointed, no persons who did not want to be there. SOmething has gone seriously wrong. I predict it wont be long till there is a shoot out in a meeting place where there are alot of people present. Its all a time bomb ticking.

Read the latest on my blog about the guy who was gonna shoot up a school and an NA meeting.


3 thoughts on “We have uncovered some gnarly 13 stepping sexual…

  1. I am curious about how many older married men who have achieved over ten years of sobriety meet new AA women members at their homes who are still “shaky” in their sobriety to “help” them stay sober. My husband also has a sex addiction and says he would welcome casual sex. Do wives of AA men deal with this scenario? any advice?

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    1. Hi Kay – I am no longer in AA. But I have heard many stories about men with Alot of “time” using it to get close to new women and have sex with them . So sorry to hear you are dealing with this . Will you stay with him or leave him?


  2. I think I the the creep you speak of…I wonder if it’s the same guy? Without
    mentioning HIS name, he’s over 6ft tall, is covered with tattoos is missing teeth and is homeless. He is a 2 bit hustler who claims he works on computers. I don’t go there anymore because of 3 weirdos including HIM. YUK!


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