4 thoughts on “share

    1. truebeliever,
      Ok I am really interested in helping. I have been doing my own campaign and I am tired of being alone. I do’t feel alone anymore because of all of ST ftg
      efforts. I am beginnng a class in Documentary filmmaking in Jan at UCLA Extension.


  1. So this perv gets a suspended sentence and yet let loose to “required” AA or NA meetings, disgusting. The RSO laws in my state, California, require these convicts to notify their neighbors of their residence. If there isn’t already, “there oughtta be a law” requiring him to notify the people at the 12 step meetings as well.


    1. FmrlyKnowAs,
      I agree. If on eis attending AA meetings and their are minors present. There needs to be arule that they should attend stagg meetings or just go find another meeting. WHere young persons don’t attend,
      Things are heating up. Stinkin thinkin blog and community is really growing .


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