DUI’s… if you are sent to AA/NA meetings what can you do.

You  can fight them sending you to AA/NA because it is against your 1st amendment rights. AA is too religious.  Church and state.

What happened to that? the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in NY that it is against  our rights to force someone to AA on grounds that it is too religious.

How about all the treatment Centers that are government funded. My Tax dollars! PLus the Counselors in the rehabs have no education.

They hire addicts to be counselors. They are not professionals. AA is not a progressional organization. SO why does the court send someone there.


3 thoughts on “DUI’s… if you are sent to AA/NA meetings what can you do.

  1. You may have been send to AA because of DUI School, to prevent this – http://duischooltruth.wordpress.com – The mission of DUI School Truth is to identify the testing and evaluation criteria of the various substance abuse programs used by the United States, relating to the Department of Motor Vehicles licensing of drivers. DUI School Truth compiles information on what they are looking for, how they score the tests, and provides this information to the participants of the various programs as a public service.


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