Alternative View , a critical view on Alcoholics Anonymous , “More Revealed” a book by Ken Ragge

This is a long interview but worth listening to the whole thing.

I have never tried Rational REcovery, but I am so happy to hear others trying new and more openminded ways of living sober.

In the interview Barbara Whiteside asks him if he is creating something new. He says no.

But I am. I am calling it Alternative For Sobriety AFS. or Body, Mind and Spirit sobriety program. :)))

Life is too short to not dream and live. I hid in AA in my young twenties so afraid to do what I wanted.  What do they say in AA “What’s God’s will? ” are you nuts. with 35 years sober I realzied and have for many years now that that is a super culty thing to say and a crazy friggen way to think. There was NOTHING in AA that taught me how to really live life sober.  What a waste of my time. AND don’t give that new age crap that everything happened for a reason. That is such BS.

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