Mother and daughter are victims in appar…

Mother and daughter are victims in apparent murder-suicide – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL Home.

I will not forget you or what happened here.

Courts and Mental Health professionals need to understand that AA is not the right place to order anyone like the man who killed these two beautiful people.

Women should be warned that AA is not safe.

Courts need to understand that AA in not a professional place to send these nuts. AA has no tools to deal with rage…at all!. AA has no one in charge, no bouncer. AA has no one responsible.  AA has no one accountable. AA has no safety measures present, so why are they in “bed” with our court system and mental health system. Who gains from that?

AA, selling more Big Books?

Isn’t there something terribly wrong with this whole system.

Help me out here.

Six months ago an already violent man Murdered these two lovely souls, then shot himself and shot a dog they were dogsitting.

Since this Murder, we began googling Murder in AA in the news and all sorts of Murder began popping up. Then we began searching for stories where in  Violent Sexual Criminals were being sent to AA/NA meetings. What’s up with letting the wolves loose on the vulnerable unsuspecting sheep.

Sounds like a pretty lousy model for treating alcohol depency or alcoholism to me.

What do you think.

Are you a re parent of a minor? I beg you to do your research before you take, send or get involved any way in 12 step programs. Seek alternatives! Smart Recovery, Stanton Peele, SOS, Lifering, Please!!!


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