AA Meetings in West Los Angeles. Beware of meetings at The Marina Center on Washington Blvd. Predators are lurking everywhere.

IF I were you, I would go to a meeting somewhere else. If you are going there and you are upset about things there, then take charge.

Have a group business meetings. Discuss implementing a safety statement read before evey meeting.

Take a vote. See who stays for the meeting and who really cares.

Hand our Make AA Safer literature or write your own.

Doing nothing about Sexual Harassment and financial scams, bad 13 stepping, grabbing and hugging women who don’t want to be hugged by you needs to stop.

ALso, if you observe this and say and do nothing, you are part of the abuse and the problem.

If you want support, contact here on the blog or directly at makeaasafer@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “AA Meetings in West Los Angeles. Beware of meetings at The Marina Center on Washington Blvd. Predators are lurking everywhere.

  1. Gonza, Interesting that you would assume that Massive isn’t sober and assume, I would guess, that she keeps this blog up because she hasn’t properly exorcised her resentment in a fourth step which is written to your specifications. She is, and so am I, and between us we have over 60 years.

    Since you want to talk in AA passive-aggressive bullshit jargon, let me just say that if you haven’t seen a predator take advantage of a vulnerable newcomer, a mentally disabled member or a mentally ill member, then you can’t be going to many meetings. I know of 3 rapes (not he said-she said sex, but call the police and go to jail sex),a murder and countless thefts in AA.

    Don’t be a fool and open your eyes.


    1. gonza-it takes two to tango- hmmm simple line… really what do you really mean by that statement.

      Obviously you have never been victimized. We are not talking a bout mutual flirtation with two equal aged adults.
      Perhaps you can search my site and read some of the earlier stories from last Jan-April. And also AA must begin to address the safety issues at all levels in regards to violent behavior in meetings.
      Man got his throat slashed and it wasn’t a personal vendetta either. Tracy White was MURDERED by a couple he MET IN AN AA MEETING.
      13 stepping, sponsor ship abuse power tripping is massive in big culty meetings like PG, Midtown, Foxhall and other large culty meetings.
      Anyone who is not in support of safety is suspect in my eyes. Even my teenage son can see through this resistance.


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