Over 115 sober caring members showed up …

Over 115 sober caring members showed up to Carlsbad Senior Center on Saturday morning.

I was there. Three groups joined  together and put on a awareness raising workshop, dealing with Financial and Sexual Predators in AA meetings.

“You don’t need your area, district or anyone to approve or not approve it. Just do it.” the leader  said.

Even though some feel like Making AA Safer  is a hopeless case on Stinkin thinkin, which by the way I love this site, I feel it’s important that the word gets out internally in AA at the Grassroots level,how unsafe it is and how we as groups and indivuals can change things.

Being empowered, opening our mouths and telling bad 13 steppers to cut it out!

If each person there went back to there group, discussing it,encouraging members to speak up when the see Predators at work, things would change in this area.

Of course there is other work to be done but it felt great to be among sober people who actually care enough to talk about it and not pretend it DOES NOT EXSIST!

SO I think instead of me putting one on with just my women’s group I will join forces with a men’s stag group and mixed young persons, a gay meeting and a spanish speaking meeting! Thanks to PC and all the rest that made this possible.


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