Make AA Safer. 2 (via Stop13stepinaa’s Blog)

Please feel free to contact me here and I can send you some glossy pamphlets.

Imagine if at every meeting these were passed out. Maybe the courts and DUI’s could get them too.

If a statement was read before every meeting started, that would prevent some crimes from happening.

Just talk about it, raise awareness and call the police when a crime happens. Walk up to the 13 steppers and tell them to leave the new comer alone. You will save someones life. Of course more then this needs to change in AA, but this is something we can do at the grass roots level.

Make AA saver 2

via Stop13stepinaa's Blog

2 thoughts on “Make AA Safer. 2 (via Stop13stepinaa’s Blog)

  1. Hadenough,
    Glad you like it. It is being received well. A group in Downy had a workshop and is giving it out.
    We gave it out at The Carlsbad Keep AA safe Workshop. ANd we know of 20 other meetings that are using it.

    I would guess from the contact in person and on the web that 60 or so meetings are giving it out.
    If we save one life. Our job was worth it, right?


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