MOM “Sandy Fonzo” screams at PA Judge for putting her son in rehab for small offense. He committed suicide was never the same.


5 thoughts on “MOM “Sandy Fonzo” screams at PA Judge for putting her son in rehab for small offense. He committed suicide was never the same.

  1. Lady, sorry about your son but the bottom line is he was on drugs and had mental problems. Now, that doesn’t make you a failure as a Mom, but the question begs asking – what did you do to help your son, anything?
    If more judges were tough on juvenile offenders society would be better off, most judges don’t have the cajones. That said if this guy was taking bribes to be tough shame on him, he should be held accountable.
    Just as YOU and YOUR SON should be held accountable for your actions. Good luck with your bogus ambulance chaser lawsuit.


    1. imnotrich,
      Cold blooded comment, have you no children, have you no compassion.
      This women just lost her son. Take your comments to some pro AA blog.
      I support this woman and all the parents that were effected by These criminal judges. Judges!!! these are our judges
      They are in control , they have the power to send you, me , our kids to JAIL!!!

      This is an outrage!

      I encourage all parents of this case to write their stories here as we fight for the exposing of criminal behavior in rehabs, young detention, and unsafe behavior around AA meetings, AA people and all that this includes. WE all know that Our insurance companies should not payiing for 12 step AA treatment in their facilities. AA is a religious organization.


    2. I doubt you’ve even done the small bit of reading I have done on these kid gulags posing as treatment facilities. Sure a kid should be held accountable for his actions, but these places easily fall under the phrase “cruel and unusual punishment”. Below is a quote from an article on the ABC News sight about this story:

      ” A girl who accidentally set her house ablaze while playing with a lighter languished in PA Child Care for more than a month — forced to shower naked in front of male guards, she says, and prohibited from hugging her family during rare visits.

      She was only 10 years old.”

      Torturing children may sound like fun to the “law and order” black and white thinking crowd, but it is immoral plain and simple. And turning children that need help or guidance into wrecks as adults doesn’t even do society any good and in the end an entire family has been destroyed.


      1. Mary,
        I keep hearing worse and worse stories about these kids in these detention halls/prisons.
        Things need to be exposed in more ways then one.

        I think this “minor” issue is VERY VERY important!.
        thanks for your post!


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