Im So Sick of this culture mentality the…

Im so sick of this culture, mentality, the language, and their lack of intelligence etc.

If I see one more TV show that I know in my gut the writer is in some 12 step recovery /non recovering support group , I am going to gag.

Somewhere, please God, Buddha, let the consiousness of American culture open up and realize there are so many other ways to heal. This 12 step philosophy is such B*&^SHIT.

I want to be on Diane Sawyer, The View, Bill Maher, Frontline, NPR, This American Life. Someone has to care that we talk about this crazy stupid idea that does not work. Powerless is rediculous when it comes to Sex, money, food and Smart Recovery, Rational Recovery, Lifering, SOS, WFS, The CLean Slate, Beyond Rehab are proving AA powerlessness wrong even with addiction.

Help please. Some journalist…out there, please help us.


4 thoughts on “Im So Sick of this culture mentality the…

  1. Massive when did the shift come. I am confused sincerely. Trust me I am not trying to get in front of your path, you seem to be on a roll since I started reading your posts a few months ago.
    Are we talking about the fellowship (people) and how they interpret AA philosophies because then I would agree with your take on powerlessness. Treatment Centers and the Judicial System defined want people to by into that belief but Massive you and I both know that AA has never taught this principle.
    Why you are mimicking others ideas I don’t know. I personally think as I said before you are coming to the end of your journey with AA. You don’t have to spit at the floor on your way out.


    1. Maybe because she wasted so much time beliving assholes like yourself … me I’m not so nice (edited by admin) … jerk … think your confused now … I cant wait for the day they prosecute your ass and we get to post you on the wall as just another AA Sociopath and Predator …you will be just fine though they have meetings in Prison you can attend …When a ship hits a rock that no one knows is there the build a lighthouse or place a buoy …. Its people like you that require people like her to place rocks warning other people who are vessels against bottom feeders like you …

      She is saving people by warning them about bottom feeders such as yourself … and you ARE trying to get in front of her path … get in front of mine … jerk …easy to pick on woman ehhh … I know your type …


  2. The self-help movement peaked late 80’s/early 90’s. This is the same period I became a walking-talking literature quoting Stepper. At that point there was very little to refute their literature. To do so would take hours, days, weeks, months of research at libiraries. But the internet began to grow at the same time. Now all one has to do is a google or a wiki. The cult will never grow like it had done before. And the liberal media condones 12 STeps because they want the public to become sick and reliant on them for information.


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