Corrupt Judges in PA get kickbacks…our youth are in trouble..Parents do not trust rehabs!

he Face of Damage done by Rehab Corruption is in the news right now.  Unfortunately many of the faces we have recently seen are quickly becoming past history due to what can be called the “Charlie Sheen Effect”, which is taking all of the media attention. His face is the only one that people associate with this problem right now. Recently this site started a thread called “Kickbacks” that happened in Luzerne County Pennsylvania, and it has already been forgotten.  It told the story of Judge Ciavarella that sentenced 4,000 children to a Detention Center that practiced the infamous “Hazelden Program Standards” on its clients. The children were not diagnosed with  substance abuse problems by a medical Doctor; they were arbitrarily sentenced to this program by a corrupt Judge.  Judge Ciavarella now faces a sentence estimated at anywhere from 12 to 157 years.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed the convictions of 4,000 children who were sentenced, not diagnosed with mental and substance abuse problems. The damage done to this county is substantial. Luzerne County in Pennsylvania has a population of 312,845, if you take into account that each child touches at least 10 other people in their life (Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, cousins, neighbors, friends), this means that about 1 in every 8 people in this County are directly touched by this tragedy.  The tragedy continues today and will continue for a long time. The 4,000 children of this county have been sentenced to a lifetime of problems.

The families and some of the now adults who were subjected to this treatment have started a Class Action suit against Judge Ciavarella. Unfortunately the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that he can not be held accountable for sentencing them. This is the same court that dismissed the 4,000 convictions that he handed out.

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