Is AA Cult-like? Do you wonder about somethings people say in meetings ‘makes no sense”? Do you really feel powerless?

Powerless…hmmm let me see. I stopped drinking on my own before I ever came to my first AA meeting. I have stayed sober all these years.


3 thoughts on “Is AA Cult-like? Do you wonder about somethings people say in meetings ‘makes no sense”? Do you really feel powerless?

  1. there are many new programs that have been popping up and developed. Rational Recovery has been around for 22 years. Smart Recovery Has been around for 12. Women in Sobriety 15 years…sorry dont really know. LifeRIng, SOS….All believe in Abstinence without chips, and making members feel bad when they drink again. All of these do not make people feel like if they drink they will die, get arressted and go insane.

    AA does not teach many life skills like these other programs I have been researching. AA’s believe you have to keep going to meetings or you’ll drink again. I am meeting more and more folks who have gotten sober/clean with these other programs. Some like Amy Lee Coy and Gunthar 2000 that developed their own hyprid that finally worked for them. WHat is your story?


    1. I believe that the powerlessness concept, and many concepts in the 12 Step program originated with the likes of a Ouija board. This facet is overshadowed by Bill Wilson’s mountaintop vision and Christian networking, but speaking to the dead and Ouija boards was an effective aspect of keeping Wilson sober and he gives credit to developing 12 STeps with this tool. Yes, I surrender my will to a Ouija board and I then, in fact, become powerless. Separated from the will of Lord Jesus Christ. AA wants you to surrender to their entity and abandon Jesus Christ with same principle in mind. Trust AA entity. Then believe in it. Get better and give credit to it. Then promote it. For some this works OK. But for others, they abandon their resoning to something alien to their very nature and are not even able to find Jesus Christ because AA enmeshes both simultaneously.


      1. Mel,
        AA has made itself it’s own new religion. But it’s not a religion. But many protest that they have found God there. I’m not drinking the Koolaid, so I can say I didn’t find God there. I found God in the world , in life, …AA is currently filled with hungry ghosts.

        About powerlessness…might have worked in 1936 but today …wow what a really old idea. If I were to write about how they cured some women’s ailments in 1936 it would sound pornographic, so I won’t. But when I read Chapter 5 now…I want to get up and leave the room. Why? Because most of it are lies, lies, lies.

        Run like the wind to Smart Recovery or Lifering or WFS or SOS or Read a Stanton Peele book.


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