Radio Show tonight with Massive Attack & Gunthar!


4 thoughts on “Radio Show tonight with Massive Attack & Gunthar!

  1. You guys sounded great. I liked how rational everyone sounded. A far cry from AA and its diseased, whacked out country. Listen, as a decided nosy, I wanted to know… I think you’re outta AA now? It sounded like you were discussing just going to women’s meetings and mixed when you were asked to speak. But that even this was a thing of the past… I have been so curious about your evolution. And , yep, I wanted to know if you were trult “out” of AA at this point (I realize I sort of keep asking you, but I know you’re chanign as you go…)


      1. Hi Massive Attack and Violet

        I agree, the show was exceptional! Great job on that documentary, too Massive Attack!

        So much needs to be done, it seems that a lot of stinkin-thinkers are bailing out of the fight. I sure hope you two will stick it out.

        I came over here to see if I could find a way to email you, M.A., but I cannot find anything. Also, I got a cell phone and text you. Did you get it? Ladies, please get in touch with me via email at go go rach go @ gmail I love you both and want to continue the conversation, since ST has taken down the community pages.

        Great Blog.


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