Should a Sex Offender GO to AN AA Meeting?

NO! Unless they are going to make an announcement that one is present and you need to be careful and maybe Run like the wind to SOMEWHERE ESLE to get sober. Hello. I saw this in a search engine.

What do you think?


22 thoughts on “Should a Sex Offender GO to AN AA Meeting?

  1. The rules for publicly announcing or posting the names and pictures of known Sex Offenders is governed by State Law. You would have to check on the laws in each State. In the State of California this is a government website that explains some of these laws.

    What I understand from this is site in California, is that it would be illegal to publicly point a Sex Offender out in a room or post thier picture warning everyone if it was done to harass the Sex Offender or thier family. That page is just an overview of the actual law in that State and you would have to delve deeper into the actual state statute and case law.I do not believe that it would be illegal to tell people of the existence of this site and tell them that it can be used for thier own protection. I think you may get in a lot of trouble if you stand up in a room and point someone out and say “he’s a sex offender, checkout the website”.

    One thing that I found interesting is that in California it is illegal for a Sex Offender to even enter the Registered Sex Offender website. They can be fined up to $1000 and jailed for up to 6 months because of doing that.


  2. OH, it is so much larger then just 13 steppin. I have done nothing but think about this problem since I became aware of your cause.
    I had met so many people who were in the AA rooms for no other reason then to prey upon people. Not just the vulnerable either they go after anybody.


    1. Danny, thanks for the support. WHat City are you in? DO you still go to meetings? and if yes can I send you some literature you can pass out. thanks for stopping by the radio show today!


  3. JR, don’t mind my ignorance but I am going to ask these questions anyway.
    1. Can we make a announcement that a Sex Offender is in the room by name.
    2. Can we post pics of offenders that are known to frequent AA meetings on a
    bulletin board.
    I ask all of these questions because children and young women attend meeting.

    Massive I am on board and would like to help sincerely in any way I can.


  4. There is really a way to warn people about sexual predators at the meetings, especially the young ones. It just takes awareness and an internet connection. With the passing of the “Adam Walsh Act” in 1994 (Commonly referred to as “Megans Law”all sexual predators have to register thier address and it is supposed to be made public with address and photo. Sex offenders that go to meeting usually do not have cars because of a DUI. This means they are tied to an area geographically and most likely walk to meetings. Even if they have a car, they still usually only drive a mile or so to the nearest meeting.You can go to these web sites and plug in the address of where the meeting is being held and it will give you a map showing where they live. It is illegal to harass the people on this list in any way, but you can tell can make it known to the people that go to these meetings that this is available. As an example here is the sex registry for California, you have to click through a disclaimer to access the site. Remember to read the Disclaimer. Like I said if you live in a different State you will have to find the site for that State. Many States also have a separate site for people on Community Supervision that will do the same thing.


  5. Danny, yes this is true. If Sex Offenders are welcomed in AA then there must be no under 18 years of age ruling strictly enforced.

    When I expressed concern about this a General Service Board Member said “well maybe there’s a way we can get around that. ” Like we should be letting them in without warning innocent members or letting them sit next to young teens getting sober in AA. This is a mess and really …unacceptable.


  6. Ya know Massive that is a scary thought that they (serial Pedophiles and Predators) really think like that. All we would have to do is follow and record one of these sick f@#$* actions and report it to the authorities and if they didn’t listen find a reporter and give them the information.


  7. No! No! No! and they should be ordered to tell the meeting what they are because children are there.
    I know sounds ridiculous but it is what should happen. Just like if they were to request employment wherever children are, if they were to socialize where children are. They are required to divulge there predisposition.


  8. There is an Independent Film maker in California named Mathew Cooke who made a 2006 Documentary called “Deliver Us From Evil”, a story about Father Oliver O’Grady who in the 1970’s raped dozens of children, and the acts were covered up by the Church. He also recently wrote an article in the Huffington Post about AA. With people like Mathew Cooke and John Walsh around, the world could be made safer if they made Documentaries about the Sexual Abuse in AA meetings. I wonder if they will ever get together on this?


  9. Sex offenders are sanctioned by each state separately with reporting and movement within the community. The “Adam Walsh Act” was signed into federal law in 2006 in order to try and standardize the reporting of sexual offenders in each state. Adam Walsh was the son of John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted TV Show) who is currently one of the major players in changing US policy towards sex offenders, if he were given a story about the abuses of sex offenders in AA and commented about it, this would cause major awareness.


    1. Jr Harris,

      SO true. Thank GOD for John Walsh.

      There was a woman who contacted me whose son was molested and murdered by his “sponsor” I am not making this up.
      The story was on America’s Most Wanted as well. It was a ring of pedophiles that were targeting AA meetings and rehabs with teens.
      We spoke and she wrote and sent me her story.
      I hope to get her on my blogtalkradio show.


  10. I think enough of them are being released and forced to go to AA meetings that they should have their own special meetings. People who want to deal with them can, and people who don’t want to deal with them won’t have to.


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