Great Show tonight Tom M Called in from…

Great Show tonight. Tom M. Called in from Hawaii and we talked about Rage, anger and our healing from our childhoods! Get help! Find a good therapist. Learn to get angry in a healthy way.
“The Courage To Heal” by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis. Not everyone who has a drinking problem/addiction problem was sexually abused, but if you were. Call and get help.


3 thoughts on “Great Show tonight Tom M Called in from…

  1. Yes it was a great show. I listen to it all. I am politicsman on your radio blog. I must gain more confidence to call in. So I am outing myself now.
    Stop being afraid and call in.
    OK, I have put a stake in the ground.
    Now when is your next program.


    1. danny, thank you for listening in. My next show is next Tuesday at 6pm. my guest is Tom Catton who wrote The Mindful Addict. He is a great guy. Very spiritual. very real. very pro NA.


      1. OK!! I am putting me down right now for one phone call on your show. But if Tom wants all the time to himself that OK too. Not trying to be to pushy, ya know.
        I’ll be talking soon.


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