Attempted murder during AA meeting

A 40-year-old Traverse City man is behind bars, charged with trying to kill another man during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

via Attempted murder during AA meeting.


4 thoughts on “Attempted murder during AA meeting

  1. Perhaps journalist Ann Curry of the Today Show would be interested in this story. ALL the top journalists. This info should be made to be common knowledge on every campus in all lands wherever AA exists.Good journalists use their power to educate, protect the innocent who become victims of fear driven secret keeping pedophilia and ABUSE of power.What the hell are they doing over there? AS soon as people know, they will stop going. We have to offer safe havens for underage folks who need places to heal from the trauma. Etc.


  2. The attempted murder at 1610 Barlow Street in Garfield Township by 40 year old AA member Eric J. Campbell does not seem to be the only problem at AA meetings in that area. It has been reported that Predators lurk in the Traverse City Michigan recovery community out of that group in “Bible Study” meetings held at a semi-retired 50 year old man’s private house specifically targeting “unwitting young newcomers, many of them still teenagers.” It has been reported “I’ve heard him tell people to call him any time they get the urge to masturbate”. This is very scary and very manipulative for someone giving a bible study meeting. The most shocking statement is:

    “Glenn exhibits other manipulative behavior, some of it seemingly innocent, like giving rides to young AA members, toting them to meetings, checking up on them with frequent phone calls. Other actions are more blatant: giving expensive gifts and furnishing alcohol to those he has established a physical relationship with.”

    If you are concerned about sexual and financial manipulation by AA members in Traverse City, read more about it at:


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