Couple sentenced to probation in criminal abuse case

HAZARD – After spending more than 280 days in jail, two people accused of sexually abusing four children over a two-year period are set for release on Thursday and will be required to spend the nex…

via Couple sentenced to probation in criminal abuse case.


6 thoughts on “Couple sentenced to probation in criminal abuse case

  1. I can’t figure this case out. The grand Jury in Perry County Circuit Court , Kentucky indicted James Albert Bitner and Jennifer Herald Collett in 2010 for rape, sodomy and abuse on thier own 4 children under the age of 12.. Put them in the Kentucky River Regional Jail for 280 days on a $500,000 bonds each, which they couldn’t come up with. Then through plea bargaining dropped 49 counts against Bitner only charging him with three counts of first-degree criminal abuse. Then plea they bargained Collett from three counts of first-degree rape down to three counts of first-degree criminal abuse. Their both looking at a 15 year jail sentence if they violate probation, which is only 5 years? Then thier sending them to two Narcotics Anonymous or Lifeline meetings each week where young kids might be going? Unbelievable tragedy waiting to happen.


  2. gunthar- I know. This one is particularly upsetting. The guy from Wiki Leaks did less then these disgusting creeps. And they are running free and he is still in jail along with Bradley Manning WF. Maybe you can join Harriet and I doing some direct activism work on this specific case. Contacting NA, PTA, Newspapers, schools, churches adn other important groups in the targeted area.



    I was shocked to see that the court gave the choice of either NA meetings or Lifeline meetings.
    Why is it that judges are sentencing people to attend religious services? Do they even know where they are sending people, or has religion got such a stranglehold on addiction treatment that no other methods can be firmly established?

    Right now I’m sitting here and I’m just baffled, but I have to admit that, for many years, AA had the wool over my own eyes. My god! Those painful years of confusion and failure! Self crucifixion on a daily basis… believing that, in order to be something, I must first become nothing.

    Those nice people who cloaked their motives in the crafty illusion of altruism while they ripped my heart out and stomped on it day after day. I could never be good enough for AA, and the whole thing never did a thing to help me cope… It never relieved my desire to drink… In fact it made me much more unsure of myself.

    I never realized when I was in how dangerous AA members can be. I never realized that I may have been surrounded by court ordered sociopaths and sexual predators. I’m so glad for sites like this that cover these news stories and expose these people, not just because I have a resentment against AA, but also for the many families that might escape being ripped apart… the many children of vulnerable and unsuspecting parents who have enough to deal with without wondering if their sponsors are developing secret sexual relationships with their children.


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