Critics Say Washington AA Chapter Is Cultlike – Newsweek

Critics Say Washington AA Chapter Is Cultlike – Newsweek.


3 thoughts on “Critics Say Washington AA Chapter Is Cultlike – Newsweek

  1. The “MidTown Group” from Washington DC has migrated rampant 13 Stepping to the “Pacific Group” in the California area. This has been reported as far back as 2007 in the Washington post:

    “There are many groups in A.A for the newcomer to attend. The top 3 deadliest organized S.S. groups like the Sponsorship Midtown group in Southern California are in order.

    1.The Pacific group Guru Clancy I
    2.The Big Book Group Guru Johnny H
    3.The Dog on the roof Group Guru Keith D

    Out of the hundreds of A.A. meetings in Southern California a night, this small list is for any newcomer, to beware, who is looking for recovery in A.A. as a whole, without getting caught in the deadly riptide of the organized outside Sponsorship Systems requirements.
    Our Tradition Three is clear “You are a member if you say so” meaning, you don’t have to have someone sponsor you in A.A., to JOIN US, yet this same Tradition allows predators in also, if they are not organized we stand a chance the three groups above are “structured organized groups” beware they are called home groups.
    The above groups have one thing in common with Midtown, organization of the strong outside sponsorship system, which is there requirement. They may deny this, but the group will (not conscious) will prove it, if one can even stick around long enough and it seems others just love’s “it’s perks”. (not meaning the coffee)
    A solution: The Big Book an uninterrupted version not from the outside system, not to follow any person, place or thing, only the dictates of “that” power
    which A.A. refers to as God, May you find him now, Join A.A. as a whole learn from the educational variety, stick with the all of A.A. don’t let someone pry you away from the whole and don’t let organized home groups convince you it is “in” the power what A.A. is not about. Good luck and may the spirit of the true fellowship of A.A. be with you. Three known out of the hundred s of other meeting is not bad odds.

    Posted by: Solution to newcomers | August 7, 2007 1:02 AM “


  2. The Alcoholics Anonymous group called “MidTown” in Washington DC is a prime example of how things inherently go wrong in AA and NA meetings. This group gained national attention in 2007 because the cloak of Anonymity that they hide behind was broken wide open and thier deceit was publicized. Anyone that has gone to an AA or NA meeting, knows this is happening wide spread, but they remain silent because the Big Book tells them to. This should be required reading for any parent, friend or relative to read before pushing a loved one into joining AA or NA. This article exposes what happens in these meetings that are covered up and includes:

    1. Sponsors pressure people to cut off ties to anyone outside the group.
    2. You are told to cut off friends from your old life, even the ones who don’t drink.
    3. You are urged to give up all medication, even though the AA corporate office says you shouldn’t.
    4. You are told repeatedly that if you ever leave you will die.
    5. People are told that only AA knows what is good for them, and if therapists or doctors disagree, drop them and find one that does.

    For full coverage of this group and a glimpse of what is still happening today that is being hidden from you, this site covers it all:


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