Stop13step in AA Sexual Financial Predators- Part One 05/10 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio

Stop13step in AA Sexual Financial Predators- Part One 05/10 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio.


7 thoughts on “Stop13step in AA Sexual Financial Predators- Part One 05/10 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio

  1. It would appear that AA and NA are not the only ones that encourage Rape victims to blame themselves for the Rape. ABC news has just run a story called “Peace Corps Pulls ‘Blame the Victim’ Rape Video After Women Complain”. This video was pulled and the practice of blaming the victim has been exposed by ABC News. The main question now is, why aren’t they running stories about what goes on in AA and NA? People need to get involved and ask why are they picking on a relatively small group like the Peace Corps, when NA and AA are huge?

    “The Peace Corps says it will immediately replace a training video currently in use and obtained by ABC News in which rape victims appear on camera describing what they had done wrong to bring on sexual assault.

    “Independently of what the producers of this video intended, I am afraid its take-away message is that if you are raped, then surely it is because you made poor choices,” said Harvard psychology professor Mary Harvey in a letter to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which held a hearing Wednesday on violence against Peace Corps volunteers. “This video, rather than preventing rape, has the potential to harm rape victims.”



  2. jrh, This is a tragic story. WHere are her parents? Perhaps they want to know we want to avenge their daughters death. This is a good place to put this. DA’s Judges, Parole Officers need to be contacted one at a time or whatever works. A law needs to be made into a federal law that no one under 18 is allowed in An AA or NA meeting. WE need to create a new program that young people can use. NON powerless based. A combo of abstinence and moderation management for youth that are not sure if they are alcoholic or not.


    1. This is such a tragic story of how AA tries to use the anonymity card to cover up the wrongful deeds of thier members. They try to use it to hide the truth from the public and the court systems. AA actively promotes that the press do not cover it also. They are trying to keep the truth from the public. This case started 13 years ago and is nearly forgotten because AA and its members are doing everything in thier power to cover it up. Some of the key points in this case are:

      Fourteen year old Becky Pelky of Bangor, Maine was strangled by AA member Ronald Boobar, Jr. in November of 1988. Ronald Boobar, Jr. was an active AA member at the time. The main reason that her murder was solved was because of conversations after the murder with other AA members. At this time AA members tried to forget that “AA is Spiritual and not Religious” and uses “non-professional” people to spread thier word by claiming the confessions of Ronald Boobar, Jr. could not be used because they are protected under the same laws that protect the privileged conversations with priests and therapists. They proposed that “confidential communications between Twelve Step group members are constitutionally protected and should be shielded by a judicially-enforced privilege.”

      Nine days after they found Becky Pelky’s body, Ronald Boobar, Jr. went to an AA meeting with fellow member Joseph Sapiel. Boobar and told Sapiel he had been with Becky Pelky the night she died, and said that he was helping her with her addiction problems and an unwanted pregnancy. Daniel DesIsles was a volunteer AA group leader for the county jail and met with Boobar at his request. Boobar admitted to DesIsles that he had an argument with Becky Pelky after dropping off all the other passengers in his car the night of her death. Boobar talked about Becky Pelky’s death to Deslsles and told him “You and one other person know that I did it.”.

      Luckily the attempted defense of anonymity at AA meetings and between members did not hold up in this case. This case involved murder and was widely publicized at the time. Unfortunately in the case of molestation and rape which happens and are discussed in AA meetings, the AA members try to cover up and quiet it down. They tell the victims it was thier fault because of the clothes or actions they were wearing or doing. They make the victim believe it was thier fault in an attempt to cover up the deeds of other members they often recruit from jails and mental institutions as part of the AA philosophy of spreading the word.


    2. This is a tragic story of Robert Darrell Strickland, a Sober House manager in CENTRALIA, Washington using Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings to meet his victims in 2008 that is also being quickly forgotten.

      Robert Darrell Strickland lived and managed the Lighthouse Community Home for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts at 1321 Crescent Ave. He used his contacts in NA meetings to meet and molest two 15 year old boys. He also appears to have been doing it again when they went to arrest him and they found another 17 year old boy hiding in his closet. Strickland gained the trust of his victims who he met who were dealing with problems about drugs and alcohol. He used this to lure his victims to his Sober House.

      This should be a warning to anyone who thinks that NA is a good place for your child to hang out.

      Read more at:


  3. THE DANGER OF TEENS hanging around AA members. I wasn’t too sure where to put this, but it is disappearing off the web. It is part of two cases where the confidentiality of AA Sponsor confidentiality is challenged by the courts. This should be remembered and it isn’t.

    “In 1990, a Bangor, Maine jury convicted Ronald Boobar, Jr. of the murder of fourteen year old Becky Pelky. Boobar, an alcoholic, had attended Alcoholics Anonymous (hereinafter “AA”) meetings before Pelky’s November 1988 death.”

    “In November 1988, Ronald Boobar, an alcoholic and drug addict, and Thomas Dembowsky, a friend of Boobar, picked up three teenage girls in a Bangor, Maine bar.4 One of the three was fourteen year old Rebecca “Becky” Pelky. Boobar, Dembowsky, and the three girls left the bar and cruised the town in Boobar’s car.”

    “On November 9, 1988, two pedestrians found Becky Pelky’s body lying in the woods in Hermon, Maine.5 A medical examiner determined that she had been strangled with a nylon rope about five to ten days before her body was discovered.”

    by Reed, Thomas J;content


    1. This is a horrible story. There are hundreds I would suspect. Last night after they tried to throw me out of the meeting because I had my pamphlets on safety a young woman said she almost died because of being 13 stepped by a guy in the meeting She said she came to AA at 14. Was 13 stepped at 17 , now 24.
      The Churches need to know underage minors are being harassed and this is a legal issue.


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