I was grabbed by two AA members and they tried to throw me out of meeting after taking my cake for 36 years while discussing my pamphlet on Member Safety!

Last night at a meeting in Westwood, across from UCLA is a large meeting of about 200, I went to take a cake and tell people about the current work I have been doing with making AA safer. Plant more seeds, maybe save one life. Maybe stop one predator.

FYI -Over 65 meetings throughout the US and Australia are using this pamphlet. It has been translated into Spanish and is being used as a Poster in 22 Spanish Speaking Meetings.

Instead what I got was a nutjob secretary who grabbed my arm and told me to get out. They were yelling “This is an outside issue” We yelled back..”no it’s not”

Perhaps the women in Arizona who has been calling me can attest to being atttack  and harrased …INSIDE A MEETING.

Maybe the man who’s throat was slit can attest to having being attacked IN A MEETING…another safety issue.

Maybe the woman from the Marina Center who was sexually harassed can attest to the fact she was harassed IN A MEETING.

DO NOT tolerate abuse of any kind in an AA meeting or in it’s culture. Stand up for yourself. Fight back. It’s your life


if your gut is telling you something is up, something is not kosher…listen to that voice and contact us for support. 

RUN LIKE THE WIND…away from some of these control freaks.


14 thoughts on “I was grabbed by two AA members and they tried to throw me out of meeting after taking my cake for 36 years while discussing my pamphlet on Member Safety!

  1. The pamphlet doesn’t need to be conference approved. Any group can write their own literature. Remember the group is at the top of the AA pyramid. My old group approved it 100%. SO did 23 Spanish Speaking groups and they translated it ASAP. ABOUT 50 groups that I know are using it. ANd many of them wrote their own safety statement to read before every meeting. We have Make AA SAFER Workshops …..they really gave us a place to discuss the problems.

    Good luck and let me know what your group thinks. Something needs to happen. Women in AA are being murdered.


  2. Wowis the pamphlet you’re handing out conference approved? If not, I would take it to my group conscience for a vote for our group to distribute it, as each group is autonomous except issues affecting AA as a whole.

    I think open discussion in beginners meetings about the 13th step and suggested guidelines for AA romances in first year would be appropriate.


  3. UCLA in California is a hot bed of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)controversy. 13 Stepping is rampant in that area partly due to the fact that Clancy I., migrated the policies of the Midtown Group in Washington DC to the Pacific Group around Los Angeles California in 2006-2007.
    Currently in the news Martin Sheen and Hazelden are attempting to enlarge the attendance around the UCLA area to AA indoctrination. This is being done at the Geffen Playhouse is in Los Angeles California. The Los Angeles area is currently heavily swayed by the “Pacific Group” and it’s affiliation with the Midtown Group through Clancy I. Hazelden has a particularly virulent strain of AA indoctrination which will only compound the matter. Expect more AA controversy because of this.



  4. safety first-no I got no cake! Yes he was. He is really pissed off. No I didn’t leave till the break. then we didn’t want to stay anyway.
    In the parking structure we ran into a young group of women. One said she was preyed on by an older member when she 17!!!! she drank again because of it. He’s still in there, she said.
    She is one of the reasons I went there. the meeting is getting younger and younger. The woman who grabbed me is out of her my mind with pompous AA platitudes of “I am superior because I have 25 years sober WTF. Who GIves a …What are we going to do play dueling sobriety years. Like she was so immature. Even my 16 year old son said. If she doesn’t want safety measures in that meetings..is because she is a predator too. If the shoe fits.


    1. From my understanding of AA,they at least state in writing that everyone is equal regardless of years of sobriety. Even Bill warned about power going to people’s head. He wrote quite a bit on the topic.That it lead to terrible things.He did have a point about that! Because it seems most of his followers have let power go to their head.
      Someone with 25 years who believes the BB should know that. Damn you have 36 years! Cant she even count?


  5. Massive-I feel so bad for you that you had to go through that. What happened after she grabbed you?
    That is good that you had other support their with you. How in the world could they say it is an “outside issue”? WTF? Really? The atmosphere of recovery has always been important. Kinda hard to have an atmosphere of recovery while some old geezer
    is trying to get in your pants and bank account.
    Or sexual predators that wants to take it a step further and rape and murder you. You are doing very important work. You are geeting their attention.
    This awareness will only grow-thanks to you.


    1. antidenial- hey thanks. There were plenty of people who took the green pamphlet from me. About 30 or more. Once they realized my husband was with me they backed off. I also told her to get her fnnnn hands off me. Alot of people got the message.


      1. I bet your husband was shocked as well. I am sure that goes against AA’s own traditions of handling things.
        Who was she to tell you to leave? I assume you did not.
        Were you able to continue to speak at all,or was that the end of your statement? I hope you still ate some cake.
        It would of served the secretary right to be wearing that cake! Do you think she got crap from her side for actually grabbing you? I mean you could of punched her out! With 200 people there-it could of started a brawl!What an idiot! I am glad I wasnt there-I would of really given her a piece of my mind. In fact what is her e-mail? I will write the B*&^ and tell her that was totally uncalled for. She should be thanking you.


  6. Sorry to hear about this. Having any 36 year anniversary is reason to celebrate. It should not have been ruined, and you they should have given you more respect.


    1. JRH- I guess so but the woman secretary with 25 years as she was bragging about was a complete a hole. I could have called the cops on her. Next time Ill be ready and I will. I’ll have my phone ready to dial 911 or the local Police Station.


      1. There is one sentence you could have used to stop the secretary in her tracks. You would have to say it calmly:

        “This is an inside issue, I’m giving a share and you can take what you want and leave the rest”

        1. The stepper will not know how to react without breaking 2 major principals in AA.
        2. Steppers are taught that you can say whatever you want in a share so they have no possible response.
        3. Steppers use the “you can take what you want and leave the rest” slogan to stop people in thier tracks, they have no possible response.
        4. You have just told them it was an “inside issue”, but they will be too busy with the share and take what you want dilemma, that they won’t even try and continue the “outside issue”.

        Use with care and not too often, or they will devise slogans to combat it.


  7. I am so tired of people in AA trying to censor others. It was not this way when I came in. People did not try to shut others up. This makes me feel so incredibly sad for the organization a whole because the big meetings will be dying out and there will be noone with time going to them. Everyone who has any sense at all will be going to the stag meetings and speaker meetings will not be attended by anyone who has common sense or values their serenity. I am so sorry that this happened to you.


    1. Thanks Hadenough- There is a great website that talks about Literature by this oldtimer Ill post it. Its so sane. People have become so rigid it’s sickening. I agree. They have already left those meetings to go to stagg’s . I could even see a difference in the meeting from last year.


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