As Seen on “LAW & Order SVU” on NBC last week- Parents beware…there is no such thing as “TEEN AA”.

Last week there was an episode of one of my favorite shows, Law & Order SVU. Unfortunately they took the liberty of making up something that does not exist. It not only doesn’t exist, your teen is not safe in regular AA. There are huge amounts of sexual predators in AA these days. Not just criminals either. There are men who hide behind their many years of sobriety and fake spiritual path and prey on younger woman & men. Yes there are cougar woman too hitting on men. AA has no safety measures in place in it’s society or culture or Meetings! Your kid would be better off in the Boy Scouts. Seriously, Read some good books and stay away from AA with your kids. Feel free to contact me directly here if you have any questions.

Just Friday night another young woman told me how she was 13 stepped (that’s AA’s phrasing for sexual harassment with sex included) at 17 by some old-oldtimer! Yuck-parents take your underage kids and run for the hills, or to Smart Recovery, or go online to Rational Recovery, or LifeRIng, Secular for Sobriety, Woman for Sobriety, Stanton Peele has great books, Steven Slate has a program or just google Alternatives to 12 step Programs.


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