Seen on “Nurse Jackie” on SHOWTIME last night

SO what’s up with Nurse Jackie asking the clean addict Indian character on the show “What would your sponsor tell you to do? This is another shot at making grown adults act like children, staying powerless, asking them this, ask them that. Why? What is a sponsor anyway? I know. But does your entire audience. If they do, we as a society & culture are screwed.
When is it okay for this culty crap to creep into our normal society or is every TV show is run or Produced by an AA member. Oh dear God…please tell me no, no this isn’t true.
Carlie Sheen where are you?
Can we make an ANTI AA show please.I’m dying here. All these members are ruining my TV Shows!!!
I loved this show at first, but I have a feeling we are heading down the AA get sober path. ย Is the creator in AA.
Sorry folks, your losing me. Maybe you should hit a meeeting at The Marina Center on Washington Blvd., on a Thursday @ 8PM or 11PM or noon. Heads up Producers of this show.

Your sparkly squeaky clean assuming asinine depiction of sober addicts is making me want to vomit.

Google- rape in AA. Murder in AA. 13 stepping in AA. Sponsor abuse in AA, financial scams in AA.

visit for more like minded people.

visit for the truth about AA.


14 thoughts on “Seen on “Nurse Jackie” on SHOWTIME last night

  1. As a sponsor, I give my sponsees suggestions about what works for me, but never tell them what to do. Instead I suggest page 86 and asking their HP for inspiration, an intuitive thought, or decision during daily meditation because I don’t have their answers: I am teaching them, as I was taught, that their answers are within.



  2. massive, i am SO ADDICTED to nurse jackey. the cool thing is that miss jacky (who is ALMOST as cool as miss zooey) is NOT going near AA. Right? That is why the show is so awesome. In the show, all the sententious dbags go right? i do not think we will see Jacks get sober through AA. I might be wrong, but it is doubtful. i read the show, so far, as an*almosy* anti aa show, but it’s subtle, it is not raging like we are. it’s not raging like us, as that is not really the point of the show.

    i think tara is kinda lame this season, seriously, someone tried to kill chicken? COME ON! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Oh noooooo. spoil alert ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m behind either an entire season or several episodes the shows we watch. I’m sorry to hear that Tara is lame now – damn.

      My old man said no one has the guts to protest aa on a show.

      I’m thinking in 100 years there will be Bill W. Halloween costumes though. Way to scare the shit outa some folks eh?


      1. even though tara is lame now, i still watch it with zeal every week. it is still one of my faves. ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry to spoil tara. ๐Ÿ™‚

        also, i call the old me the old man, too.


  3. BTW the “United States of Tara” is a good show. It’s about a woman with multiple personalites. Pretty funny and haven’t seen a hint of alcoholism/aa yet…A good getaway half hour :=)


  4. OMG you just cracked me up!
    “Can we make an ANTI AA show please.Iโ€™m dying here. All these members are ruining my TV Shows!!!”
    I feel the same way about Nurse Jackie only hadn’t gotten this far yet (my husband and I watch them 2-3 at a time). But, oh no I can just see throwing yet another dvd in the trash!


      1. It would take a producer with informed or experienced knowledge of AA truth, passion about AA trugh, and some BALLS, to get a show like that going. Unfortunately there isn’t one with all three qualities right now. Perhaps if I prayed and dedicated my life to my lawn chair one would sprout up (but not not die off), like one of my backyard lily’s ๐Ÿ™‚


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