Criminal Minds episode “The Thirteenth Step” is full of Vengence.

I was settled down in my usual spot on my couch in my comfy Pj’s and warm soaks sitting with my laptop in hand when this episode appeared on my TV screen, “The Thirteenth Step.”  I was already blogging on the stinkin-thinkin site  posting and reading emails from 13 stepped victims who reach me here. As the opening credits continued to roll I ran to my garage/studio where my actor husband was playing video games. I said ” OMG you gotta come here and watch this episode. He looked at me like a good husband and said “..umm not now honey.” I ran back into the house quickly as to not miss a second. I guess I forgot for that moment that I have Time Warner Cable and a DVR and can rewind at any time. Cool feature but I hate doing that… so even though I watch Criminal Minds every week …loving this show….I heard a rumor that someone who works on the show is a member. I don’t know for sure.

I just know both the writing and the acting are great. And since I am the go to girl for AA bullshit and crap when it comes to rape and 13 stepping -I have become obsessed with these types of shows.
But trust me the level of payback in this one is phenominal.

If anyone has heard that stupid phrase “what’s your part in it” you should know that anyone in AA who says that should be smacked hard in the face. And every child victim, sexual or otherwise needs to know that Alcoholics Anonymous was never talking to children or victims when nutty Bill Wilson wrote his memoir aka  the Big Book, it’s basic text.

So, have your hand ready to bitch slap any asshole who asks you what’s your part in it? Then run to a Smart Recovery meeting where they are actually sane.


6 thoughts on “Criminal Minds episode “The Thirteenth Step” is full of Vengence.

  1. Actually, I had many, many quite interesting and lengthy talks with whoever I was doing my 5th Step THOROUGHLY with when it came to this child responsibility issue in this very Freudian yet Puritanical thing called AA beginning when I was 19 or so and it was 1974. Interesting but nothing solid. It’s why I left.


    1. To watch this episode online search for “watch Criminal Minds “The Thirteenth Step” season 6 episode 13” it will come right up. It really should be titled more like:

      1. Dangerous 13 Stepping in AA/NA.
      2. What you want to see before sending your teen to AA/NA.
      3. What AA/NA will not tell you when you send your child to them.


  2. There is a reason why the TV show Criminal Minds reminds you of the 4th step in AA. It is because they use the same interrogation technique. The show actually hints towards this in the character Dr. Reid as a subliminal message. During AA member interrogation by the sponsor during the 4th step, the sponsor puts you through a series of emotional ups and downs and suggests answers labeling you as an alcoholic during the down moments. This has been shown to cause many false confessions because they are playing with your emotions. It is called the Reid Technique (Dr. Reid in Criminal Minds?) and it is outlined in the following link. Tell me this is not just like a 4th Step interrogation by many AA Sponsors:

    Do not forget to look at this link about the false confessions it produces:

    Note: “The technique is designed to break the individual down psychologically so that he repeats back to them what they want to hear,”


    1. OKAY..spoiler altert!!! A young crazy couple drinking hard go on a rampage killing spree in small gas station mini marts.
      He and she go to an AA meeting and he is telling about how he was molested by his father. An old timer type guy asks him whats his part in it. He gets up reaches in and pulls out a gun and blows him away. Then both of them go on a shooting spree in the meeting killing all the AA members. Then they go to where his father is and he tells him to make amends. Its an amazing episode.


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