Tuesday May 30, 2011 @ 6pm PST 9pm EST on blogtalkradio will be Special Guest, Jack Trimpey, LCSW, Founder, Rational Recovery.

In 1983, Lois Trimpey forced her husband to choose between his long-standing alcohol addiction and remaining in the Trimpey family, his first reaction was rage. He wisely buttoned his lip, and grudgingly accepted her terms of engagement. Soon, they both decided to create an alternative to 12-step recovery, and what followed is the amazing history of Rational Recovery in the United States of America.

Join us on Tuesday, May 30, to hear Mr. Trimpey describe the evolution of Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®) from its early beginnings in the Rational Recovery Self-Help Network. Bring your addiction if you have one, and see if your Beast can survive the clout of AVRT®.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/saferecovery call in 818-475-9211 to listen or talk. Chat is available.
See you then. Bring your questions for the AVRT master!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday May 30, 2011 @ 6pm PST 9pm EST on blogtalkradio will be Special Guest, Jack Trimpey, LCSW, Founder, Rational Recovery.

  1. massiveattack says
    I actually think that the AA culture of ” we cease fighting anything or anyone ” has gotten way to into American psycho babble. WE are sitting ducks ready for another Hitler to come along and say , let me pat you down at the airport and rub your breasts & so on and so forth. I long ago dis agreed with this thinking over 20 years ago. I said to AA friends are you nuts. That is not what they meant. No change would ever happen if people didn’t get righteously mad. Even a revolution that made the USA. So cut the crap AA true believers.

    If you talk to Jack Trimpey again, you might want to bring this up. He has some very choice words about the collectivist mentality of AA and the Recovery Group Movement (RGM) which are very similar to what you are saying in his latest book.

    He goes off on a few tangents, blasting liberalism, etc, but I think that he is correct in that the RGM is indeed fueling a collectivist mentality, whereby the individual is subjugated to the group.

    It is indeed, at heart, a form of fascist ideology, where individuals do not matter; only the group does. This is why they don’t care what happens to people, only what happens to AA.


  2. You need to tell Trimpey to get back on the show, if only to explain what RR is currently doing to combat coerced attendance, to help people resist it, and what options people have.

    RR has done a lot of this advocacy for people, and I am sure that he is up to date on the issues, certainly better than most people are.

    Remember, he worked as a Clinical Social worker as well, so he is quite familiar with “the system” from within.

    That topic alone could take an entire episode.

    See this on their web site:

    Have you been forced into AA?


    We do not urge or incite people to resist AA, but we are the resistance. Our general position is, “You draw the line, and we’ll step up to it.” We know that you are closer to the problem and know best what risks you are willing to make for your own interests and others’. If you want to fight, we are spoiling for a fight, because we view AA as the collective Beast, organized to preserve tentative abstinence in a society that has always been intolerant of inebriety.


      1. That’s great. Let me know when the date is. Since he’ll be addressing 12-Step tyranny, I think it is only fair to post the announcement, along with some of Trimpey’s choice words on a few 12-Step forums in order to give them a chance to tell their side of the story. You know, like McGowdoghouse. 🙂


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