Sexual Predator & AA member writes on stop13step blog… sick, sick, sick!

Dear massive Attack,

You should not hate 13th stepers; I think there is nothing wrong with newbees taking their mind of alcoholism, by spending time with a experienced member; sometimes they just need a good man to rest their weary head on. I mean waht do you think is going to cause more damage a cold beer in one hand or a hard wiener????? really give us expienced members a break,

May 31, 2011 at 2:11 am Edit

7 thoughts on “Sexual Predator & AA member writes on stop13step blog… sick, sick, sick!

  1. What the fuck is wrong with you, Rooney? The whole point of the blog is to talk about nonconsensual sex.

    I know it happens, you know it happens, and obviously Massive Attack knows it happens, and it is NOT the same s two lonely people taking comfort in each other.


    1. Lucy- that’s the spirit! Awesome women. Ethical men. Empowered women. Strong Men.

      Mr rooney- No dirt bags wanted. Your type needs to be careful.
      The FBI might be sitting in your meeting waiting to catch the next Predator. The Federal Marshals actually caught 21 pedophiles that were targeting young teen boys in AA in 9 states in The South East. It was featured on American’s Most Wanted. listen to the whole story on my blog radio. His Mom Keeper is sober over two decades. Episode : Tragic Story of Mom losing her son to His AA sponsor. He was molested and murdered by his SPONSOR!

      Great news for the 2012 AA conference at Times Square.


  2. Rooney sounds like a typical sexually inexperienced childish idiot that hangs out in 12 step meetings. He probably would not stand a hope of finding a women in normal surroundings unless he paid for their attention.

    Vulnerable people who have been damaged are drawn to 12 step meetings and don’t realise that any self help group can be a haven for predators if other long term members allow that sort of behaviour to take place. I saw it happen in my time and if you questioned it you were met with the don’t take inventory bullshit.

    I doubt whether Rooney is very experienced when dealing with women, more likely a tongue tied nerd who needed few drinks before stuttering away infront of someone trying to enjoy their night out.


  3. The reason you get Sexual Predators like this showing up at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (AA)is because of the way the system is set up. You have about 40% of the people that go AA do it because they want help with thier drinking. They may not have been around a “rough” crowd and all of a sudden 60% are from a very rough crowd. They are encouraged to exchange phone numbers and become friends with these people. They are also encouraged to hug everyone and get and give rides to and from meetings, which means they know where everyone lives. AA is a tragedy waiting to happen and it is being covered up in the press and media.

    The teenager who has been experimenting with drugs and alcohol with thier peers may not be hanging around the “rough” crowd until they go to AA at the insistence of parents or an older Stepper.

    Someone in thier mid 20′s may be going to a frat party and get a DUI, and a large percentage of the people on thier 1st DUI get sent to AA during the plea deal. Now you have college students that may or may not be hardcore.

    Then you have the rapists, child molesters and violent criminals who because of a parole or plea bargain are sent to AA.. These are usually “hardcore” criminals being sent by the court system to mingle and become friends with the two other groups I have just identified.

    People’s values and actions are directly influenced by the people they hang around. This is a recipe for disaster. The system is set up wrong by sending these groups together. AA is full of rapists, child molesters and violent criminals, people should learn to protect themselves and thier families from the people like the poster Rooney this thread is about.


    1. The file I have been collecting of AA sexual harassment , 13 stepping etc is now 1 1/2 inches thick. My file box is full with News Stories regarding Murder & rape in the news. This behavior is done by so called AA members.

      PLease tell everyone you know that AA is not safe and there is not support there for women when they are attacked, grabbed, or hit on. Men are harassed too.

      Many old time members are very sick themselves and telling the new person insane statements like ” What is your part in it”.

      WHen a group of us brought this up at our Westside District Meeting we were shut down. SInce then, Women have been Raped in Los Angeles by AA men still sitting in meetings.

      We need help.


      1. At some point, you should scan all of it into PDF format and publish it online, perhaps on the Orange Papers site.

        I’m sure JR Harris has a boatload of information, too. It should be compiled into an easily accessible, easily distributable format.


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