Banker Charged with Child Molesting Sentenced to an AA Meeting.

St. Joseph (Ind.) County prosecutors charged William C. Peterson, 43, with felony child molesting. The South Bend Tribune reported authorities accuse the Granger resident of fondling a sleeping girl in May 2008.

St. Joseph, Mich.-based Edgewater Bank fired Peterson soon after he was charged.

His trial was to start Friday. Under Tuesday’s deal, he’ll be sentenced in 2014 on misdemeanor battery charges and will be cleared of felony penalties if he sticks to court-ordered terms. They include staying away from the victim, continuing psychiatric counseling, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.


7 thoughts on “Banker Charged with Child Molesting Sentenced to an AA Meeting.

  1. Stupid and ridiculous sentencing. I think the courts and the legal system as a whole needs education regarding the inability to rehabilitate a child molester. They just can not be fixed.
    Aside from having their own planet out in space, the only other alternative is to keep them locked up and drugged with estrogen to reduce their tendencies to continue to commit these felonies. We live in a crazy world and these guys do not belong in the general AA population.


  2. Not only is it unconstitutional, it is irresponsible. As the two of you pointed out, it is dangerous for groups that may have young people, and certainly do have vulnerable people involved – to have known sexual and violent criminals attending anonymously.

    I like your point Carolyn, that known criminals should have their separate meetings. It should be the opposite, that violent criminals or sexual criminals should NOT be able to attend meetings as they are now. I know many AA members do not like it anyway. I also think that even if the sentencing is stopping and a choice of recovery is given (smart, AA, etc), that most would attend AA anyway because of how many more meetings there are.

    Monica, another good question for Tom (SMART President) would have been how he would handle a situation of courts sentencing criminals to SMART meetings. As their program grows, I would think the criminal attendance would grow also.


  3. Carolyn- this is spot on. That makes what the Judges are doing illegal. Sending a criminal to church for recovery. Or to a religious treatment program…. AA. I don’t get why AA members have allowed this to happen. I once had a conversation with an AA board member about this. SHe said “well we put this out to the fellowship and that’s what we heard back” Oh really . and how would you hear back from the fellowship when 90% of the meetings have no GSR and do not hold real group business meetings where the members really discuss, debate and take a vote and then report back to their Area or district. They NYGSO is so full of BS.


  4. I’m speechless! When are Judges and Lawyers going to realize they are doing no good for the FELONS LET ALONE THE MEMBERS that go to these meetings to stay sober (they have a DESIRE…not COURT ORDERED TO). Sadly, people like WILLIAM C. PETERSON are being AWARDED with a much larger play ground to prey on than a smaller living space (prison) to serve time. It would be like a Judge sentencing me to the Mall daily; DAMN HIM….Yeah more shoes!

    This will not change unless the Judges are called out on it. They are saving money by sending these criminals to our rooms, in fact we are the ones making AA possible and available to the courts to use!!! The Penal system isn’t being charged for our services, unlike if the felons were to be incarcerated. More money for Judges, Lawyers etc!!!

    The courts should have their own AA meeting in the courthouse, supervised where all COURT ORDERED FELONS can attend. This won’t irradicate our problem; however it will keep known sexual offenders out of our rooms.

    Aren’t these Judges thinking about the under age members?? We need to inform them of the consequences to us before he/she slams the gavel!


    1. I think I’ll have to include area courthouses, police stationson my list of people to receive my letter that Monica and I are working on. After a discussion with my former drug counselor (at a nearby rehab) yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that treatment facilites will just dismiss our claims that AA could be dangerous. My counselor just thinks I’m paranoid – I should trust “members as I trust people on the bus”.


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