Who are the victims?

A 5 year old child, a mother’s son, a 23 year old woman, a gay man age 19, a 57 year old gay woman, a forty year old beautiful lady, a mother of two, a 18 year old trying to get sober, a 15 year old trying to get sober.


One thought on “Who are the victims?

  1. The victims are still out there. This is a log of things that happened in 2006 in Dana Point Harbor AA Hardcore Meeting, Dana Point, California. The original stories are the same we are hearing today. The excuses are the same ones we hear today. The victims of 5 years ago have dropped it, but the AA members are still trying to make excuses and in denial as of May 26, 2011. It is interesting to look at the dates of the following link to see how this problem has been handled throughout the last 5 years.


    A lot of work needs to be done.


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