Police arrested a Provo man who they say raped a woman he met through Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.



5 thoughts on “Police arrested a Provo man who they say raped a woman he met through Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

  1. Massive Attack, Thank you for all your help and setting up a forum for us to vent, share and help each other. Since you have a large following, I suggest we draw up a petition for those to sign whom have been Sexually Assaulted (ranges from Rape to Inappropriate Touching to Forced Kissing), Sexually Battered (Unwanted form of contact with an Intimate part of the Body), Sexually Harassed (ranges from Touching, Feeling, Groping, Unpleasant and/or Sexist remarks, Requests for Sexual Favors or other Verbal/Physical conduct of a Sexual Nature), Sexual Advances (Unwanted Sexual Advances, is a subcategory of Sexual Harassment), Sexual Fondling (Touching of the “Private” Body Parts), Sexting (use of texting for Sex or to send Sexually Explicit material via mobile phone–United States v. Broxmeyer, 2010 U.S> App. Lexis 16032 a fairly new law; which is prevalent), Bullying, Abuse of Power, any demeaning act set forth by a Controlling/Abusive Sponsor or Home Group (e.g. Threats, Drinking Urine, Being Shunned ad infinitum (BB says no one can be denied membership; yet they make it difficult for a healthy individual to stay; conversely, they support the deranged, criminal and abusive members). There are a plethora or illegal activity that has been experienced and are being perpetrated on the vulnerable Newcomer at this moment. Many of these Laws (Our Civil Rights) are/have been violated; the Laws overlap in categories dependent upon the severity, number of offenses and the Judge hearing the case. NO MATTER WHAT AA SAYS THE LAW IS THE LAW AND THEY SHOULD AND WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!! Their “Traditions” won’t hold up in a court of Law!

    We need a viable and undeniable plan of action. This will take numbers. We need everyone from the U.K., Australia, Germany, (any where you reside) and the United States to sign this petition. Thus, it can be presented to the appropriate Lawyers or Organizations whom have the authority and capability to defend our CIVIL RIGHTS. Ultimately, ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS has to be held accountable for their actions: denial of help, lying to it’s members and make meetings safer! AA is a company and like it or not, they are susceptible to a massive lawsuit.

    Massive Attack and I have found that working within individual meetings and reporting single criminal assaults have not worked. We have to do what the Politician do and rally for every wronged AA member as a group. NUMBERS WILL ELICIT ACTION ! My extensive account of Sexual Assault, Sexual Battery etc fell on deaf ears with my committee, the Pastor of the church (where are meetings were held), AA and GSO. We need thousands of signatures (stories) to CRACK AA’s “Won’t be pulled into any outside controversy stance”. IT’S AN INSIDE JOB, THEY CAN MAKE THIS EASY ON THEMSELVES OR VERY, VERY MESSY!!!!!! AA CANNOT HAVE SEPARATE LAWS FROM OUR NATION!!!!


    1. What a fantastic post. I am too tired today from all the emotional work I did this past week with the passing of my brother in law from Suicide last Wed.

      This is another tragic AA failed suicide for sure.

      I need some time to re group for more work. Yes numbers petitions are needed.


  2. Carolyn- This is very true. AA Headquarters must eventually take responsibility for the face of AA. At every level from Group to District to area to Region to NY’s Million Dollar Corporate Office will be accountable. AA is not above the law. The last few stories on Stinkin-thinkin are just horrific and so frightening.

    I’m proud of all the proactive work you are doing.


  3. When is anyone in an authoritative position going to make Alcoholics Anonymous practice what they preach and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for the CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR and TRAVESTIES that are being perpetrated by AA members and be held “ACCOUNTABLE”? When is AA actually going to do the “STEPS” #4 and #9 and #10; that they so rigorously demand each member do to get healthy and whole?? GSO told me, “Alcoholics Anonymous is not above the law or makes the law”. Apparently, AA is above practicing their very own indoctrinated “STEPS” (#4, #9 and #10) and “TRADITIONS” (#1-OUR COMMON WELFARE COMES FIRST). What a HYPOCRISY; the ORGANIZATION who penned “THE 12 STEPS and 12 TRADITIONS” cannot implement their own rules to sustain a safe and healthy environment for the dazed, vulnerable and uncertain alcoholic. How many more RAPES, SEXUAL ASSAULT (has happened to me over 15 times), murder and intimidation has to occur before a change is implemented?

    I will not give up this fight until the criminal behavior is eradicated, Judges discontinue AA participation as part of sentencing, AA headquarters makes changes in behalf of their CLIENTS (we pay their salary) to keep them safe, or my personal choice: AA is slammed with a class action law suit.

    I’m in the middle of writing my story for “Why I Left AA”-it’s long and incredulous; unfortunately true. It includes: Sexual Harassment/Battery/Assault; help sought from AA/Police/Lawyers/Pastor/GSO/Media (including News/Radio/film) and the profoundly insulting advice from AA etc. I endured 13 stepping and criminal behavior from the moment I entered the rooms (for 2 years and 2 months) and the only help I got was from “MASSIVE ATTACK”. I will NOT surrender this fight until substantial changes have been made or I die. I will continue ‘PESTERING” the media and officials until we are safe!!!


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