Young People’s Group’s in AA-To Parents of Underage Teens with Alcohol and Drug Problems. Please think again before you take action!

As an insider of AA for over 36 years. I beg you. Never send your child to AA or NA. Do not send them to a rehab that you can not speak to them for a year /6 months or even 3 months. Interview and ask lots of questions about the counselors and employees at the treament Center. ALot of them are abusive and punitive.

Read Amy Lee Coy’s blog  Beyond Rehab. Read her book FROM DEATH DO I PART.  try Smart Recovery.

Try The Clean Slate.

Why would you give away your children to a stranger to get help.

Stop believeing in the powerless, religious faith healing program of 12 step from the 1930’s .

Would you let a doctor treat your child with 1930’s faith healing if he or she was sick with a disease that we now have a better cure for?

I know AA is not safe. I know that NA is not safe. I am receiving reports about rapes, sexual assaults, 13 stepping and crazy culty behavior that you do not want to send your kids to.

please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


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