ICYPAA-Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous Events-Is AA SAFE for Minors? (updated)No -A young teen was raped and went to the police.

NO! 3rd Level Sex Offenders are coming to AA in droves. Many are not even members. AA is full of young newcomers who are not expecting this.

Parents, teens, stay away. The courts have to give you a choice. Ask to go to Smart Meetings where there are rules about sexual harassment. 

Parents…I beg you. DO not send your underage teens to AA or NA. contact me for more information. 

Beware at all AA Young People’s Events are not safe for minors in AA.

Read The stories on this blog.

2 thoughts on “ICYPAA-Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous Events-Is AA SAFE for Minors? (updated)No -A young teen was raped and went to the police.

  1. Young peoples groups in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are extremely dangerous events from a personal safety stand point. ICYPAA events are organized by older members of AA who are and continue to remain Anonymous. You have a hard time running background checks on people who remain anonymous, something that is normally done in choosing a daycare, nanny or house keepers. Unfortunately because of publicity many parents and schools will help to send children and young adults to these events run by older AA members who may have a history of sexual assault or violence that is not known because they hide under the cloak on anonymity that AA provides. You would not hire a daycare, nanny or house keeper to take care of your family if you could not find out about them.

    In 2007-2008 a classic example of the stalking and sexual assaults present in Young Peoples Groups in AA was uncovered in the MidTown expose of the Q Group in Washington. The links are still there and can be easily found by a search engine. The sexual perversion of this rogue AA group was especially dangerous to the youth attending AA in their Young Peoples Groups. When the legal implications of what this rogue AA group was doing to the youth under their care became too much, they moved their operations to Tampa Florida and California to the San Diego and San Francisco areas. Washington has calmed down with sexual predators in AA for the time being because of this. Any AA young peoples groups in Florida or California should be looked at carefully to determine their link to MidTown. Remember, you are dealing with a group of older people organizing an event that are Anonymous and could very wellbe tied to the MidTown group or a sexual predator. Care should be taken when sending any of your loved ones to any AA Young Peoples events in Florida or California.


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