Why I left AA- Stories from x AA members 08/09 by stop13stepinaa | Tonight on Blog Talk Radio Safe Recovery 6pm PST-9pm EST

Why I left AA- Stories from x AA members 08/09 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio.

CAll in 818-475-9211 6Pm PST- 9PM EST 

Join Massive on Safe Recovery as we take calls from all over the USA on why YOU have left Alcoholics Anonymous. 

We wanna know the truth…

1936 Powerless      

2011 Empowered!

14 thoughts on “Why I left AA- Stories from x AA members 08/09 by stop13stepinaa | Tonight on Blog Talk Radio Safe Recovery 6pm PST-9pm EST

    1. Sally,
      It feels great to have a good laugh; we work too hard on such serious stuff. We deserve a break. I guess we owe “Prick” a thank you. 🙂


  1. Prick,
    OOOPS, I missed the last part of your name, however, the above suits you just fine. What did you expect to accomplish with your 3 sentence blog? You succeeded in showing your true colors: an uneducated, underachiever with severe low self esteem issues, who have to cut people down to feel lifted up. You picked on the wrong person to trash. Massive has droves of “FRIENDS” (I’m sure by your blog that word is foreign to you). She helps more people in a day than you have in your entire life. I smell FEAR!!! What are you afraid of Mr. Prick?? Is she getting close to accomplishing something that may change your pathetic life or are you one of the predators that is worried about losing your “PLAY GROUND”? Why bother spewing your garbage, when there isn’t any substance to consider? Your display of vile anger, leads me to believe that change is on the horizon for AA and it’s protocol. Everything changes sooner or later. There is such a possibility for you; I won’t hold my breath. PICK UP YOUR CRAP AND MOVE ON!


  2. AA may stay around forever, but at least people will know that it isn’t a place where members share their experience, strength, and hope but it is a religious group that threatens people with jails, institutions, and death unless you pray and conform to religious ritituals dicatated by the group and a sponsor.

    You also put yourself at risk to spiritual abuse and sexual abuse.

    Fortunately, people are becoming aware that there are options to recover from addiction.


  3. Prickly Pear,

    You will not find any self-righteous people on this blog. We have thankfully found our way out of the rooms of alcoholics anonymous that are flooded with self-righteous, brainwashed, close minded individuals like yourself. In addition, you lack the ability to hold an intelligent conversation with out being foul mouthed.
    We dont want what you have, it’s very unattractive.


  4. Are you fucking retarded? It took 36 years for you to figure out you didn’t like AA? Unbelievable. Your self righteous little blog here will amount to nothing more than a fart in the wind. News flash, AA is not going anywhere.


    1. Dear Prickly Pear,

      (aka cactus w/VD which you prolly got in the roomz)

      Massive Attack has spent a great deal of time with creating and maintaining this blog, outreach inside and outside of AA, and traveling to meet women who were severally hurt physically, emotionally, and physically by sick people who exist just under the radar in AA. Sadly, as AA operates as an anonymous entity these people who hurt others generally remain both safe from consequences, protected from repercussions–social and/or legal. As most people who exist in AA are of you ilk, mean and caustic, it is incredibly intimidating to report assaults and the like if they take place within an AA context. THus, MAssive is there to help these women.

      No, Massive is not retarded in the way you mean, nor does she actually have MR. She is a smart woman who has dedicated herself to this cause. The cause being supporting people who are exploited in AA, as they so often are… She is also an attractive, talented singer who is well travelled, not only from her meetings with people in AA, but in her life as someone with decided intellectual curiosity.

      While Massive does all of the above, I wonder, Cactus Person, what are *you* doing? What have you done to help other people–other than leaving hit and run shit on people’s blogs? I am assuming that maybe you have a sad job and then maybe you go to AA after work where you dispense advice to vulnerable newcomers who treat you like God *only* b/c they have nobody in the world. Am I right? If not, how far off of the mark am I?

      It took me years to realize I needed to leave AA. THis is actually pretty common. Many people stay out of guilt to the newcomer. This is an honorable guilt. How could it not be? And how could it be compared to having MR? Not clear.. It is this guilt coupled with AA’s promise of :jails, institutions, and/or death that keeps people, often women, for years in the smelly, unenlightened rooms. Your post is yet another reminder that yes, these rooms are unenlightened. AA might not go anywhere soon, but little seeds are being planted everywhere at this time. AA will change for the better or less and less people with visit its sad little rooms. I am sure you’ve got the brains to see how lowly populated your meetings are currently, right?



    2. Prickly Pear – AA is going somewhere and with your kind help as you have just shown, it is going there very quickly. This fine example of Spirituality is exactly why it makes me very happy when AA members say that it is not a Religious organization. I really hope that with an attitude and foul language like yours that you do not spend any time practicing your non-religious attitudes in Church basements putting the congregation in danger. I also hope that you do not have anything to do with Young People Groups in AA (YPGAA) where your non-religious Spiritual thoughts, actions and words put teens in danger of “having what you have.”


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