3 thoughts on “Local News | Well-known Seattle 12 step counselor jailed in attempted child-rape case | Seattle Times Newspaper

  1. Abusive sponsor! Controlling and very abusive! I fired her 4 times in 7 months. She is telling others in AA that I talk badly about everyone in AA. I have not responed to anyone! My first sponsor wwhom moved when I had 5 months sober, told me sponsor(2) told her…I was telling people that she had drink! Crazy!!!! I am afraid to get a new sponsor! I have 16 months sober and I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life! I am hurt and so mad at sponsor(2)’s behavior. I have not talked about her or anyone else…and she knows this???? I am perplexed by her behavior and would love any advice!!!

    Thank you for your time,

    Sober Women in Spokane, Wa. Help! 🙂


    1. Jasmine,
      I have been insanely busy. Im sorry for my delay in responding. You do not need another sponsor to stay sober. Something called a sponsor was pushed by Pacific Group type meetings
      that took control of members lives. Consider it a good luck charm. You dont need her. PLease read http://www.stinkin-thinkin.com or orange-papers.org

      Also wwwsmartrecovery.org is a great non religious program that requires NO SPONSOR. Can you imagine to think you need another person to get and stay sober. How ridiculous is that.
      Smart has been around since 1998 and Rational Recovery has been around for 20 years. Many many people have stopped with No rehab, no treatment center, no 12 step.
      There are hundreds or thousands of us that have either left AA or are not happy with crazy people like this.

      Also on stinkin thinkin blog there is a thread called Why I left AA….go read there and you will see YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!



    2. Jasmine- you do not need a sponsor to stay sober. Have you checked our http://www.smartrecovery.org Its a bit saner then AA. FOr many years no one had a sponsor. I think th ePacific Group really pushed that to get control of people and have them do jobs for free like little slaves. Run from the people that are controlling. I know there are sane folks in AA/NA I am still friends with some of them, however, many are just nuts! The Big Book is hogwash 1936 rhetoric that needs a complete rewrite. Google alternatives to AA or 12 step. You are not alone in the way you feel.


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