Charlie Sheen on Matt Lauer Today September 16, 2011

Great interview with Charlie and Matt showing a person can be sane and sober without Alcoholics Anonymous!

Charlie Sheen Tells ‘Today Show’s’ Matt Lauer He Has Regrets (Video) – Hollywood Reporter

3 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen on Matt Lauer Today September 16, 2011

  1. Charlie was looking and sounding pretty good. I admire his honesty towards his behavior and getting his priorities into perspective. I loved that he skirted AA as not part of his recovery and that time does mean anything. Charlie said that people get so wrapped up with how much time they have, that they hold onto it so tightly afraid they will lose it. He commented, “In time they lose their time” when that’s what you are being measured and hold dear. He sees his kids……he’s on his way back. A good NON-AA success story.


    1. Carolyn- So true. It seems that Charlie Sheen has had a shift in how he feels and thinks. I guess he doesn’t need to drink the AA kool-aid to be happy, joyous and free!

      More power to him and I look forward to a new TV show where he will be starring. I am sure another competing network will pick up a show with Charlie.

      But the most important part of this interview are the things you mentioned.


  2. I love Charlie and I was so happy to see that he is doing much better! You go Charlie. 🙂

    Everybody does not need or like AA. I love Smart Recovery and all the new books coming out where the authors themselves are getting help by writing their stories and doing it another way!!!


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